Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Top Benefits Of Olive Oil

Top Benefits Of Olive Oil
By []Noah Houde

Olive oil is considered to be very beneficial - you check out any online forum, news or blog, you will find people talking and blogging about the benefits of olive oil. Here are some reasons why this oil is considered to be wonderful.

Healthy skin - Beauticians and health experts suggest that organic (olive oil) is good for skin and is also known to fight skin cancer. It acts as a great moisturizer for the skin as it contains linoleum acid which keeps the body moist. If you add gourmet (olive oil) to warm water it shall offer you a great healthy soak which is good for your skin and shall refresh you up.

Damaged hair - Organic (olive oil) works best for damaged and dry hair. If you are suffering from problems related to frizzy hair and looking for ways to tame the air, it is recommended that you apply this oil everyday and see the changes it brings to your hair. You just need to apply this oil and shampoo your hair after some time - you will simply love your hair.

Good for cat - One of the popular benefits of this oil), is that along with human use, this oil is said to be good for cats too. You just need to add a teaspoon of this oil in your cat food and be assured that your cat shall have a very healthy coat which is shiny and bright. It shall also prevent hairballs.

Get rid of snoring - If snoring has been your problem always, you can use this oil to get rid of snoring. You can drizzle this oil on your salad or just cook your favorite food in such a oil. You can enjoy a peaceful sleep without letting others feel disturbed. This is also one of the most beneficial benefits of this oil.

Polishing metallic surfaces and furniture - You can use organic olive oil to bring a shine to your old furniture and other metallic surfaces. You just need to slowly rub oil so that streaks are prevented and corrosion is avoided also. If you wish to polish up your furniture, you just need to mix some this oil with lemon juice and polish your furniture. It shall start shining in no time.

Zippers - It is often found that zippers get stuck in between and it becomes very difficult to open the packet. What do you do in such a case? We often face this problem and get frustrated with everything. Next time, you face a similar problem, you just need to put some this oil on the zippers and let it stay for some time. You will notice that the zippers will get easy in some time.

Ear ache - If you suffer from ear ache very often, you just need to purchase gourmet olive oil and apply it inside your ears regularly - You will notice that your ear ache has vanished in a few hours. It is very effective in getting rid of ear aches in children also. []Organic olive oil works best for damaged and dry hair. One of the popular []benefits of olive oil, is that along with human use, olive oil is said to be good for cats too.

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