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Fruit Smoothies With Yogurt

Fruit Smoothies With Yogurt
By []Javier Munoz Diaz 

When doing a smoothie, you have to decide what ingredients you are going to use. Probably, you'd be thinking about some pieces of fruit and a liquid as a base. And that's all right, but adding some yogurt can increase your smoothie experience.


Sure you've heard of benefits of yogurts, including the bacterias in them. These bacterias promote digestive health and improve your immune system.

But bacterias are not the only positive thing. Yogurts are rich in calcium, and can boost dramatically the health of your bones and teeth.

They can have great importance in menopause, fighting against osteoporosis and preventing bone density loss.

Another important benefit of yogurts is their power to low cholesterol levels. This has a great relevance, mainly for mid-aged people.


To prepare a smoothie with yogurt, just proceed like with any other kind of smoothie: cut the fruits in slices and add them to your blender; add a cup of yogurt, and don't forget adding some liquid as base. This is of special importance, as a smoothie with just fruits and yogurt as ingredients would become too thick to be drunk.

I prefer plain yogurt, but you can use whatever you like. Bananas and vanilla yogurt is a powerful combo.

Optionally, you can add some honey if you want to sweeten your smoothie. Finally, blend as usual.

To add some distinction, incorporate a bit of cinnamon and some leaves of mint to decorate and serve.

Your family will love you.

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