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Benefits Of Eating Spicy Foods

Benefits Of Eating Spicy Food
By []Patel J 

It is a widely accepted notion that eating spicy food is bad for health, but many spicy food lovers will disagree and claim that eating hot food have not done them any ill so far. It has been a topic of debate for many years and now even the medical community has agreed that certain components of hot foods actually are good for health. But we cannot forget the fact that no food is magic and eating balanced is very important. 

Capsaicin which is generally a part of almost all spicy food does have health benefits. Other ingredients such as turmeric, mustard seeds and coriander which appear in the spicy food in some regions of the world also have additional health benefits. One of the most widely accepted claims is that these ingredients promote sweating in the body, open the sinuses and encourages expectoration, which is why many people recommend eating hot spicy food in cold. 

Some studies have even suggested that spicy food is very good for the brain. People who indulge in eating s food have less chances of developing a degenerative brain i their later years. S food also helps with depression and migraine. By eating spicy food you can also have increased metabolism which helps in processing the food more quickly and eventually helps in weight loss.

Some even belief that S. food helps in pain management. The internal inflammation can also be healed quickly if you eat hot food. Spicy food also increases the blood circulation in the body and for people suffering from low blood pressure, it can be used a supplement for blood pressure management.

Scientific studies even show that by regularly eating chillies and curry, the risk of the cancer is reduced. Capsaicin slows down the growth of cancer cells and in some cases even kills the cancer cells without harming the other good cells. In countries like India and Mexico where the food is generally high in spices, it has been observed that people tend to have lower rates of some cancers.

As per an Australian researcher it was found that people who indulge in eating s food do not have any sleeping problem and fall in sleep easily. They even have more energy throughout the day.

Even though the benefits of eating s food are many, people with a sensitive stomach should be more careful and eat moderate spicy food. S food is mostly liked by many people as it increases the flavour of the food. Many cultures all across the world have spicy dishes to stimulate and excite your taste buds. These spicy ingredients add heat and flavour to your daily food for you to enjoy. But remember excess of anything can be harmful and can have adverse effect. Therefore, be wise and stay healthy.

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Benefits of Almond Milk

Benefits Of Almond Milk
By []Kum Martin 

Almond milk has many benefits and hence, it serves as good alternative to dairy milk. It has low fat content and replete with calcium and vitamins. It is very good to prevent all kinds of heart diseases and even cancer. It is also very good for proper functioning of the brain, and helps in controlling the blood sugar levels. The milk can easily be used in the daily diet. Almond not only has health benefits, but it also assists in improving the skin and enhances the appearance of the skin. 

Some of the benefits of almond milk are discussed in further details below.

The milk has a nutty flavor and tastes excellent. It is powered with essential nutrients and multivitamins. It is considered better than dairy or soy milk because of its low calorie content. It is also excellent for those suffering from lactose intolerance. It is free from all kinds of saturated fats, fiber and cholesterol. One can consume almond milk on a daily basis since. It is an excellent source of protein and consuming it on a daily basis will ensure that you get your daily requirement of protein without any problems. One of the good things about almond milk is that it contains very little sugar and hence, it helps in regulating the blood sugar level. It is also full of calcium and Vitamin D. These are a must for maintaining optimum bone health. One cannot miss its utility in maintaining skin texture. The Vitamin C present in the milk helps to lock in the natural moisture of the skin and thereby, keeping the skin soft and supple. The milk also has a fair amount of Vitamin A, which improves the functioning of eyes. Lastly, the milk also assists in building up the body muscles.

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Top Benefits Of Olive Oil

Top Benefits Of Olive Oil
By []Noah Houde

Olive oil is considered to be very beneficial - you check out any online forum, news or blog, you will find people talking and blogging about the benefits of olive oil. Here are some reasons why this oil is considered to be wonderful.

Healthy skin - Beauticians and health experts suggest that organic (olive oil) is good for skin and is also known to fight skin cancer. It acts as a great moisturizer for the skin as it contains linoleum acid which keeps the body moist. If you add gourmet (olive oil) to warm water it shall offer you a great healthy soak which is good for your skin and shall refresh you up.

Damaged hair - Organic (olive oil) works best for damaged and dry hair. If you are suffering from problems related to frizzy hair and looking for ways to tame the air, it is recommended that you apply this oil everyday and see the changes it brings to your hair. You just need to apply this oil and shampoo your hair after some time - you will simply love your hair.

Good for cat - One of the popular benefits of this oil), is that along with human use, this oil is said to be good for cats too. You just need to add a teaspoon of this oil in your cat food and be assured that your cat shall have a very healthy coat which is shiny and bright. It shall also prevent hairballs.

Get rid of snoring - If snoring has been your problem always, you can use this oil to get rid of snoring. You can drizzle this oil on your salad or just cook your favorite food in such a oil. You can enjoy a peaceful sleep without letting others feel disturbed. This is also one of the most beneficial benefits of this oil.

Polishing metallic surfaces and furniture - You can use organic olive oil to bring a shine to your old furniture and other metallic surfaces. You just need to slowly rub oil so that streaks are prevented and corrosion is avoided also. If you wish to polish up your furniture, you just need to mix some this oil with lemon juice and polish your furniture. It shall start shining in no time.

Zippers - It is often found that zippers get stuck in between and it becomes very difficult to open the packet. What do you do in such a case? We often face this problem and get frustrated with everything. Next time, you face a similar problem, you just need to put some this oil on the zippers and let it stay for some time. You will notice that the zippers will get easy in some time.

Ear ache - If you suffer from ear ache very often, you just need to purchase gourmet olive oil and apply it inside your ears regularly - You will notice that your ear ache has vanished in a few hours. It is very effective in getting rid of ear aches in children also. []Organic olive oil works best for damaged and dry hair. One of the popular []benefits of olive oil, is that along with human use, olive oil is said to be good for cats too.

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The Main Aloe Vera Benefits

The Main Aloe Vera Benefits
By []Jeff P. Gardener 

For thousands of years different peoples have used plants for various healing purposes, but modern medicine has replaced these with other artificially produced chemical substances. Now more and more people are turning to the organic products, which can help them be healthier and better looking. At present aloe vera extract is widely used as a topically applied substance for the treatment of skin problems. It can be taken internally as well, which makes its effect even more powerful and on a larger scale. Here are the main benefits you can expect when using the aloe.

Drinking pure and stabilized aloe extract improves the fibroblast cells function, which are responsible for the production of collagen. In turn, your skin will be smoother, softer and above all purified. Acne marks and other blemishes as well as sun burns and cuts will be quickly and effectively healed and permanently removed. Another one of the superb benefits is that the frequent use of the extract can help your skin become sufficiently revitalized giving you a younger and fresher look.

The amino acids and vitamins in the aloe plant aid the natural detoxification of the body, keeping the level of nutrients sufficiently high for ensuring proper functioning of all organs. Your digestive tract will be cleansed from all the waste in the form of toxins compiled in it. You will enjoy a permanent relief of the unpleasant stomach bloating and constipation. One of the main benefits of aloe vera is that it effectively stimulates the body metabolism, which in aids the regulation of body mass. As the cells burn energy more quickly and efficiently, you can achieve sufficient weight loss even with mild exercising and a standard diet.

Another one of the   rel=nofollow []aloe vera benefits is that it helps you stay energetic and refreshed throughout the day.

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Different Types Of Dry Fruits and Their Health Benefits

Different Types Of Dry Fruits and Their Health Benefits
By []Vaiv Jais 

Dry fruits are delicacies high in nutritional value like vitamins, minerals and other digestive enzymes. It is greatly in demand during festival seasons as it is considered a beautiful and thoughtful gift which is quite expensive too.

The Different Types of Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are available in different varieties like almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, apricots, peanuts, dates, raisins, walnuts, pistachio and so forth. These nuts are also available in different flavours like salty, roasted, mint flavour, pepper flavour, chocolate and garlic flavours. Apart from their delicious mouth watering flavours, dry fruits are highly beneficial to our health.

The dry fruits suppliers are keen on supplying hygienically packed products which are of superior quality. Each package is priced according to its weight. You will find beautifully packed dry fruits wrapped in gift wrappers in the market during festival seasons. Some packages include trays, baskets, bowls with golden or silver colored gift wrappers and so forth. These fruits are packed in foils to increase its shelf life and retain its freshness.

High in Medicinal Value 

These nuts and fruits are high in nutritional and medicinal value which most of us are unaware of. It helps in digestion and improves the blood supply in our body. The medicinal value of some of the most commonly used dry fruits are mentioned below:

Cashew nuts: An excellent source of protein and fibre, cashew nuts are one of the commonly used products. It also a rich source of vitamin B, copper, potassium and magnesium. It is known to prevent heart problems.
Almonds: Almonds are more nutritious than ordinary dairy products. Almond milk is a nutritious drink for both children and adults. It has a number of medicinal values as it is known to improve the functions of the brain and heart. It also helps in the growth of hair and strong muscles.
Raisins: Raisins are nothing but dried grapes. It is a rich source of iron and is beneficial for people suffering from anaemia. It helps to gain weight and children should be given a fistful of raisins everyday as it helps to improve digestive problems. It is also a home remedy to help cure constipation.
Walnuts: Walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and its consumption is good for the healthy functioning of the heart.
Dates: Rich in fibre and iron, dates are considered part of a healthy diet. Dates along with warm milk are consumed by pregnant women and children.

Use Online Markets to Purchase Them

There are a number of online markets where you will find a wide variety of dry fruit manufacturers and suppliers. Purchase of different types of nuts can be done quite easily. Special packages are also available in these online directories which are ideal for gifts during festive seasons.

Some of the suppliers of these delicacies are Max United Exports, Danish Export Corporation, MVS Suppliers, Raven Enterprises and so forth. The products of these companies are of superior quality and reliable.

In addition to the health benefits and medicinal value, dry fruits are delicious to savour and considered a part of our balanced diet.

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Revolutionize Your Health With The Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

Revolutionize Your Health With The Benefits of a Raw Food Diet
By []Ashley J Detig 

The past several years has seen the rise and fall of numerous new fad diets, each claiming to help you lose weight fast and help you attain a healthy lifestyle. The past few years, however, has seen an increase in the popularity of one diet that has been around for centuries. To categorize Raw food as a "diet" is almost unfair as it resembles more of a lifestyle than just a temporary change in eating habits, and people have been practicing this lifestyle for generations. 

The benefits of a raw food diet are numerous. They are natural, uncooked, un-processed produce, nuts, and seeds whose nutrient properties are so rich that they are often accredited with major healing in the body. Raw foodists claim the benefits of a raw food diet can (and often do) include drastic weight loss, clearer skin, a clearer mind, and an endless supply of energy.

Scientifically, these claims may not be as extreme as they first appear. The SAD (Standard American Diet) also has many people consuming foods that are highly processed with chemicals that are difficult for the body to digest. When food is cooked, over 50% of the protein content is lost and many enzymes required for efficient digestion are denatured. It would be logical to assume that by consuming foods that maintain these essential digestive-aiding nutrients, your body is would be better equipped to digest and rid your body of toxins more quickly, therefore, allowing your body to heal more quickly and the benefits of a raw food diet to surface.

Increased energy is one benefit of a raw food diet that is most widely reported by those who first transition to raw foods. New raw foodists claim to have an abundance of energy as well as a clearer mind allowing them to focus more on the tasks before them. When you consume large quantities of cooked, processed foods, your body must pool energy from other regenerative sources in order to digest that food in a timely manner. However, when one consumes high quantities of raw food, the digestive enzymes in that food aid the body in digestion and don't require energy to be taken from any other regenerative function. This is the most efficient way for your body to function.

A common misconception with this lifestyle is that you must be consuming 85-90% raw foods on a daily basis. While this is greatly beneficial for your body, you can experience the benefits of a raw food diet by just adding a few raw components to your pre-existing dietary plan. A great way to include raw foods in your diet is to begin with one meal at a time. Making a raw breakfast smoothie [] is a quick, and simple way to experience these amazing benefits. You can throw together an easy super breakfast smoothies in five minutes or less and provide your body with super healing nutrients. Get access here [] to get the raw recipe that will clear your skin, clear your mind, and have you bouncing off the walls with energy.

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Nutritional Value of Pineapple

Nutritional Value of Pineapple
By []Calista Meade 

The pineapple is one of the most delicious among tropical fruits. It can be eaten fresh or it can also be included in some dishes. Of course, another popular use for the pineapple is by drinking its juice. The good news is that while pineapples are known to be juicy and delicious, they are also great for consumption because they are loaded with many vitamins and minerals.

The vitamins present in the fruit are vitamin C, vitamin B1 and vitamin B6. The minerals found in pineapple include manganese, copper and magnesium. The fruit also contains a large amount of dietary fiber.

Recent studies have shown the fruit to have numerous health boosting properties. What enables fresh pineapple to be able to boost health is them having bromelain. Bromelain is a mixture of enzymes that can be able to digest protein.

Here are other examples of the health benefits of pineapples:

Since back in time, pineapples have been used to cure digestive problems a person was suffering from. Some of the problems regarding digestion that pineapples have been able to cure include indigestion and heart burn. The others include bloating, nausea, and constipation.

Pineapple also has the ability to cure inflammation. The pineapple is a very strong anti-inflammatory food. Bromelain found in the pineapples is used to reduce bruising and swellings that might have arisen due to injury or surgery. It has also been used to kill pain that results from arthritis and also inflammation resulting from the condition. Pineapple has also other advantages and can be consumed to heal pneumonia, bronchitis and mitigate mucus and coughs.

Cancer has been a big problem over the years taking the lives of many. Pineapples can help reduce that. The bromelain found in the pineapple has in it anti-cancer properties. This helps the body to kill any tumors. Where it cannot totally kill the tumor, it has shown the ability to be able to slow down the growth of the tumors. This is because it has in it anti-metastatic properties.

The vitamin C in the pineapples also helps prevent damage to the body been caused by free radicals. This helps protect the body from atherosclerosis, cancers and heart disease. Also, vitamin C helps in the proper function of the immune system.

Pineapples help a great deal in the production of energy. This is enabled by the presence of manganese and thiamine in the pineapple which are quite essential for the production of energy. Pineapple also helps in maintaining the health of the bones. This is also facilitated by the presence of manganese in the fruit.

Pineapples come in all sorts of types and sizes. This variety, however, does not affect the nutrient value of the fruit since they all contain the same nutrients regardless of the type or shape. Thus, eating pineapples regularly can help you lead a healthier life. Remember, it is best eaten ripe, fresh and chilled. It can be the perfect fruit for a sizzling summer day. Despite it being very delicious fresh and chilled, never underestimate a dish mixed with pineapples as they can give quite a delicious twist to chicken or beef meals.

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Quick Healthy Snacks

Quick Healthy Snacks
By []Kent R Kerr 

As you may have noticed, people are simply not eating as health as they used to. Even though there is a much greater variety of food, beverages, and snacks these days, most people choose the wrong ones to consume on a regular basis. Naturally this can have a very poor affect on your body over time. Not only can it lead to unhealthy weight gain, but it can additionally lead to many poor health conditions like heart disease, and numerous forms of cancer. Therefore it is imperative to focus your attention on quick healthy snacks, as opposed to unhealthy foods like chips, cookies, candy bars, soft drinks, and other processed foods. 

So, you may be wondering what some quick healthy snacks are. This is an excellent question, and one that needs to be focused on more often. Let's go over some of the healthier quick-food options at your disposal. Start with fruit. As you may be aware, you are supposed to get at least four servings of fruit each day, along with four servings of vegetables. This is so you get all of the nutrients you need, as well as enough fiber. Some quick healthy snacks in this category are oranges, bananas, strawberries, apples, grapes, plums, peaches, blueberries, mangoes, and pomegranates. There are plenty more as well.

Steer clear of processed foods. Not only are they terrible for your body, but they are addictive as well. Food companies that manufacture these unhealthy snacks and dessert foods know that they are unhealthy and addictive. Whether you know it or not, they intend for you to get addicted to these food. That is how they make their money. Now it is time to focus more on quick healthy snacks that can aid your body with repairs, growth, and overall health. Try eating nuts, instead of foods like potato chips, cookies, candy, and other processed foods. This is a better way to stay healthy, and nuts provide you with protein, good fats, and fiber.

Some quick healthy snacks that everyone should consider are low-fat cheese, low-fat yogurt with oatmeal, and dried fruits. These are all great for your body, and they provide you with a lot of vitamins and minerals. This will in turn help you with weight loss, strengthen your immune system, and help you live a longer, healthier life. Just because you are not used to eating quick healthy snacks, does not mean that you should not start today. This is your body we are talking about here. You have to take good care of it if you plan on living a long and healthy life without a lot of health problems.

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Raw Food Diet Tips

Raw Food Diet Tips
By []Helena Reimer 

The raw food diet requires that you consume at least 75% of your foods in their raw state. Thus the diet promotes a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs as well as nuts and seeds. Transitioning to this diet is hard on the body, but once the body gets used to the healthy foods, it is able to avoid most diseases and common ailments.

Make Gradual Changes

Going raw and leaving behind the modern conventional diet is a difficult thing to do. For one, most people receive little or no support from their family and friends. And two, the body is addicted to processed foods that are toxic to the body. Thus the body has to go through a detoxifying stage where many experience severe hunger, headaches, increased body odor and fatigue.

Therefore the best way to begin the raw food diet is by slowly easing into it. Adding more fruits and vegetables to each meal is a great way to start, and then when the body is ready, one can pursue a raw breakfast, then a raw lunch and so on. This ensures that the body will not be overwhelmed by detoxing too fast.

Eat Plenty of Filling Foods

Hunger is very common to those who begin the raw food diet, thus it is very important to consume plenty of filling foods such as avocados, coconuts and nuts and seeds. These foods are high in nutrient rich calories and healthy fats that will help to satisfy the hunger.

These foods can be eaten by themselves as part of a mono diet, or they can be blended together into a smoothie, or added to leafy green salads.

Eat Plenty of Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are an absolute must-have on the raw food diet, as they contain many vital nutrients. They are not very filling, and thus they are great when combined in smoothies and salads with avocados, coconuts or nuts and seeds.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Fluids are also important, as they not only help with hydration, but they can also help to diminish hunger. The standard recommendation of fluid intake is 8 glasses of water, but when on the raw food diet, it may be necessary to drink more. This is because the diet is high in fiber, which absorbs water in the digestive tract, and the more water that is eliminated, the more is needed to replace that water.

Herbal tea, water, and freshly pressed juices are the best fluids to add to the diet, as they do not contain any harmful ingredients.

Avoid Food Temptations

Avoiding food temptations is one of the biggest challenges for those on the raw diet, as they seem to be everywhere. Thus a small container with nuts, seeds or dried fruits is helpful in situations when hunger strikes.

Not keeping junk foods or processed foods in the house is another great way to avoid food temptations.

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Sunflower Seeds: Nutritious and Delicious

Sunflower Seeds: Nutritious and Delicious
By []Moir Beens 

Sunflower seeds are really nature's most delightful snack. Sunflower seeds can easily satisfy almost any craving for food cravings without leading you to overindulge. These seeds are usually essentially a solution to many problems and not only being hungry. Like all seeds, these kind of seeds were initially intended to grow into a tall and beautiful sunflower plant (in the ground, not your tummy!) and whilst it may seem to be awful to consume something that might be so gorgeous, understand that consuming plants fruits and seeds is the way of nature. Furthermore these seeds are brimming with nutrients and vitamins which are crucial for life. 

Yes, they do consist of fats but this excess fat is really healthy for you. These seeds are from plants and therefor consist of mono-unsaturated triglycerides as a substitute of the saturated and trans fats found in chemically altered and animal (and hydrogenated) fats. These all-natural oils contain fat-soluble vitamins and healthy cholesterol reducing fats. Another wonderful fact about sunflower seeds is that while they are exceptionally addicting, it is hard to actually eat too many. They are the supreme snack because they are great for you and satisfy your urges for unhealthy foods. 

So just what exactly is in these seeds that would make them so incredibly beneficial for you? To begin they are crammed with B-vitamins. Several of these B-vitamins you may possibly recognize from the food nutrition labels for instance, Thiamine, Pyridoxine, Pantothenic Acid and Niacin. These are all vitamins that are crucial to our body's efficient performance that must be consumed in our diet regime. What is particularly significant regarding sun flower seeds is their resource of vitamin E. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidising. Vitamin E is found in many arthritis medicines for that very purpose. 

So by incorporating sunflower seeds to your diet plan you are helping to prevent or treat arthritis and preserve your general wellness. Sunflower seeds are furthermore high in several beneficial minerals such as iron, phosphorous, potassium and magnesium. These vitamins are all found in our body and also in sunflower seeds so by enjoying these seeds you're steering clear of dangerous health supplements. Sunflower seeds are nutritionally heavy, meaning they are not empty calories like numerous other well-known snacks. Sunflower seeds are also an excellent supplier of soluble fiber. 

Americans are infamous for their lower consumption of fiber-obtaining only fifty percent of the regular-suggested amount. So by eating these seeds as a frequent indulgence, you are assisting your body to eliminate waste and become more efficient. Sunflower seeds can also enable you to unwind! They have tryptophan, which helps reduce the anxiety and our brain activity. These make sun flower seed the best brain food. Merely because of the carbohydrates and protein easily obtainable in sunflower seeds, they'll provide your body and mind a lift. However with the added nutrients of vitamins, minerals and fiber, sun flower seeds are definitely the most delicious approach to satisfy hunger and promote an extended healthy lifestyle.

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Snack Foods: Meaty!

Snack Foods: Meaty!
By []Valerie Olmsted 

Meaty snack foods are not just for big guys who yell a lot and swill beer; they are also for the ladies and kids. For those of blood type O or B, meat is the perfect snack and those who follow the Atkins Diet look for all meat too. Hint for the blood type A and AB though: dump the all-protein diets-they will cause problems the like of which you will wish you had never experienced (go to The Zone Diet instead). For those who have no problems with high protein diets, the meat craving can be satisfied in snack foods too. You can get all kinds of dried meat snacks now: beef, turkey, salmon and tuna. While you won't find much other than beef at the supermarket or quick-stop type of store, you can find the more exotic ones at health food stores.

The problem with most of the stuff you buy ready-made is the preservatives they have to use: nitrates and nitrites, which combine with amino acids-PROTEIN-to create nitrosamines, which cause cancer. If the jerky is BBQ, there are further problems with carbon deposits on the meat, which also causes cancer. It's a heck of a lot healthier to make your own jerky and it's not hard at all. It is messy, but not difficult. The basic thing with making jerky is to slice the meat really thin, marinate it (with salt too, so it gets some antimicrobial treatment) and then dry it slowly. You can dry the strips in your oven; it takes hours but you'll end up with tender, delicious, home-cooked and healthy snacks.

There are all sorts of marinades one can use to make dried meat snacks; pick your favorite, hopefully homemade. The reason you want to make your own marinating mixture is so you can limit the amount and type of salt used. Most commercially available jerky uses soy sauce but that is an allergen for a lot of people. You also want to avoid the regular salt and go for celtic or Himalayan salt instead. The natural salts have trace minerals in them that are not found in the regular iodized salt, which has been bleached and purified and only has iodine added back in. By adding other spices like garlic, you can also cut down on the amount of salt used. Garlic also has antimicrobial properties, which is a good thing when you're talking about preserving meat. Green meat is scary. The other problem with meat is that you really want to be guarding against botulism (Clostridium botulinum), which is found in the soil...everywhere...and is why nitrates and nitrites are added to meat. Making your own meat snacks is healthy, just make sure you know what you're doing and don't make too much at once unless you have researched proper care and preservation of the food.

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Dr. Valerie Olmsted is an author, naturopathic physician, metaphysician, internet entrepreneur, artist, speaker, and lover of life. Traveling with the Quantum Vortex Experience, she has helped thousands of people reach the inner connection they are seeking and has contributed to the discoveries of manifestation practices via quantum physics applications. [] 

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10 Ways To Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables

10 Ways to Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables
By []FT Bletsas

We all know we should eat our fruits and vegetables as they are beneficial for our health. Fruit and vegetables are an important part of a balanced diet. Health advisory organisations recommend we eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day to help reduce cancer risks and improve heart health. Numerous studies have proven and demonstrated their life-extending, health-enhancing, disease-fighting and weight-managing ability. Despite the fact that most people are aware of this fact, few, however, eat their recommended 5 portions per day. Moreover, many experts argue that 5 portions a day is not enough. It is now widely advisable to eat 9 or even 12 portions of fruit and vegetable daily. How to do that? Here are 10 ways that will help you increase the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat.

Juice for start. Drink a fresh fruit juice before your breakfast. It is much more energizing than coffee and provides the essential energy to kick-start your day. This is a very convenient juice and smoothie cookbook that will provide you with invaluable inspiration.

Fruits to your breakfast. Put fresh or dried fruits to your cereal or use a natural fruit spread on your bread. You can even use some very soft and mature fruit instead of a jam or spread. Try a browned banana, a ripe fig or a very soft apricot. Click here for a huge collection of breakfast recipes.

Snack on fruit. When you are a bit hungry between meals, grab a fruit. Bananas and clementines are the best snack foods that you can carry around. They need no washing and taste great.

Fruit snack. If you want something fast to eat at home, try a fruit snack. Add graded apple in your yogurt or enjoy a homemade snack bar with dried fruit and nuts.

Fruit dessert. Instead of cake, ice cream, chocolate or other type of sweet, have a fruit for dessert. Although it is not advisable to eat your fruit after the meal, it is always a better choice than sugary sweets. If you want to eat a fruit every so often, choose a fruit dessert, like baked pears or banana cream. I have found a great book that I use when I am looking for delicious healthy fruit desserts to cook on my TV shows.

Salad with every meal. Whatever you eat, always serve it with a raw dried salad that provides you with the fiber, vitamins and enzymes required to digest your food and obtain the most value out of its nutrients. If you want more info about the benefits of a raw vegan nutrition check this out.

Salad meal. Have a big salad for meal. This is a great way to make sure you maximize the intake of vegetables in your diet. In fact, all your main meals could well be big salads that combined with one or two other kinds of energy dense foods, like fish, meat, eggs, bread, pasta, rice, etc. If you are looking for great salad recipes, you can click here.

Vegetable Recipes. There are endless recipes that contain vegetables. It is good to learn how to make them and order them when you eat out. There are countless vegetable recipe books. Some of the best ones are listed here.

Vegetables on the side. Regardless of your main dish, serve it with vegetables. Add some boiled, steamed or grilled veggies next to the fish, meat, omelet or any other kind of meal. When at a buffet, always fill half of the plate with colorful vegetables, preferably raw salad. The other half of the plate can be divided in two. Fill one quarter with the main dish of your choice and appetizers or a slice of bread in the last quarter. Stick to this analogy and you will enjoy a great meal.

Add extra veggies. Whichever recipe you're recreating, always add some extra veggies. Even if the recipe doesn't call for it, make it a habit to top up on its veggie content. Add some peppers on your spaghetti sauce, add some mushrooms on your pizza, add some carrots in the soup.

Chose one or more and start today. It has never been that easy to include fruits and vegetables in your diet.

FT Bletsas is a food writer, author, TV Show Host and speaker from Greece. He shares his passion about Good Food that is Healthy, Tasty and Fun with thousands of people through live Foodmusic shows, Seminars, TV programs and publications. For more information that will help you boost your Food IQ, visit his website []

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Brilliant Uses For Onions

Brilliant Uses for Onions
By []Tahzib Haider

While your freshly primed bedroom looks fit for a king, those toxic fumes are giving you a royal headache. And the scent is still lingering even though you've had a window open for hours. To eliminate the odor so you can enjoy the space, slice and onion into quarters and place one in each corner of the room. The unpleasant smell is caused by the unpleasant smell is caused by the volatile organic compounds in paint. As the onion begins to shrivel up and dry, its layers absorb the volatile organic compounds to prevent the fumes from invading your home.

The plates on the tale show on trace of the burgers you served for dinner, but the grill? Gross! Strike while the grates are still hot: Slice an onion in half and place it cut side down on a flat surface. Insert a metal fork for handle and use to remove the burnt on grit. The friction created by pressing the onion against the grates releases enzymes called alliinases (a class of enzymes found in plants, such as garlic and onions) that break down grease and grime. Once the grates have cooled, wipe with a damp paper towel. Finish by brushing on a thin coating of vegetable oil so your next post-cookout cleanup will be a breeze.

The last time you cleaned the kick plate on your front door, the fumes of the polish gave you such a headache. But you can keep the brass in tip-top without the effects of cleaners. Halve simmer on the stove top in one cup of water for two hours. After the liquid has cooled, dip a lint-free cloth in the solution and use to buff the brass. The heat releases the onion's acids into the water, which will break down any scuff marks and tarnish. Then simply wipe clean with a damp cloth and see your brass shine.

Your rusty trowel has seen better days, but it has sentimental value. To clean off the rust, simply stick the corroded metal in a raw onion and carefully wiggle it around to release the juices. Let it sit in the onion for an hour, then rinse away any residue and wipe dry with a lint-free cloth. The bulbs' enzymes split the rust-forming bonds between iron and oxygen, leaving the tools gleaming.

Your 8-years old took a ball straight to the nose. To halt he blood flow, lay him down and place an ice pack on his forehead so it touches the top of his nose. Then have him take a few sniffs of freshly sliced onions. The vegetable's vapors act as a coagulating agent, clotting the blood so your little ball player can get back in the game.

Despite your best efforts, a few mosquitoes still managed to make you their meal at your neighbor's barbecue. To prevent the irritating itch from cutting the festivities short, rub an onion slice on the spot. The detoxifying sulfur compounds in the bulb neutralize the insect's venom, quickly reducing inflammation-and the urge to scratch.

 Coughing and congestion have been keeping you up at night, and the timing couldn't be worse - your long-awaited vacation is less tan a week away. To feel better fast, chop a fresh onion and place in a clean thin cotton sock. Secure with a twist tie or rubber band and leave on your nightstand overnight. Repeat nightly until your symptoms subside. Inhaling onion's strong antibacterial vapors helps break up mucus while killing infection-causing microbes. You'll be berating easy in no time!

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Green Eating

Green Eating
By []Douglas Michaels Jr. 

We have come to a point where more and more people are trying to make better decisions in their everyday lives regarding going green. However, it often is not easy to figure out what should be considered the good, the bad, and the ugly. Food choices play an important part in lowering your carbon footprint. However, like other businesses in the green world, it is hard to know what is really reducing your environmental impact and what is just being sold to you as green and really isn't. Below are a few labels you may see when shopping:

Animal Care Certified, United Egg Producers Certified, and Swine Welfare Assurance Program

These are industry-friendly labels that allow many cruel and inhumane factory farming practices. In 2004, the Better Business Bureau filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) stating that the "Animal Care Certified" seal is misleading advertising and recommended that use of the seals be discontinued. For the Swine Welfare Assurance Program, bedding and rooting materials are not required. Tail docking, teeth clipping, ear notching and castration without anesthesia are allowed and access to the outdoors is not required. As for the United Egg Producers Certification, bebeaking is allowed, confinement to small cages allowed, and access to the outdoors not required

certified Humane

This label is endorsed by the ASPCA and many other humane organizations.

Demeter Biodynamic

This standard is one of the strictest in the world. It requires farmers to avoid all pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones. Farmers are to use compost, cover crops, and set aside 10% of their property to preserve biodiversity. 


Applied to tuna, this label ensures that dolphins are not dying in tuna nets.

Fair Trade Certified

This certification focuses on measures to prevent unsafe use of pesticides and other chemicals. The Fair Trade Certified� label guarantees consumers that strict economic, social and environmental criteria were met in the production and trade of an agricultural product. Fair Trade Certification is currently available in the U.S. for coffee, tea and herbs, cocoa and chocolate, fresh fruit, flowers, sugar, rice, and vanilla. 

Food Alliance Certified

This is a third party certification. This label ensures fair working conditions, human treatment of animals, and sustainable farming practices. However, you do need to know that they do allow some use of pesticides and antibiotics.

Free Range

This is a label that sounds a lot nicer than it is. Most people think free range means that the animals have access to the outdoors. However, the definition is so loose that it is pretty much meaningless. Most free range animals are still raised in crowded warehouse conditions. There are no set standards for this label, so anybody can slap it on their products.

Grass Fed

This label is actually a success story for the sustainable food movement. This label can only be attached to meat and dairy raised exclusively on pasture and forage.


This label means that the food contains no artificial ingredients or coloring. It has been minimally processed. In terms of sustainability, this label is useless.

Predator Friendly

This certification recognizes the important role predators such as wolves, cougars, hawks, and bears play in maintaining healthy ecosystems. It provides certification for farmers who use predator management techniques that rely on smart herd management, livestock guardian animals, and other peaceful methods of co-existence.

Protected Harvest

This is for farmers who use Integrated Pest Management programs. It does allow for some pesticide use. However, it encourages holistic sustainable approach to pest management like using beneficial insects.

USDA Organic

Now, the organic food label is regulated by the USDA. Organic producers must meet tough standards before they are certified. However, there are many loopholes in organic standards that allow industrial agriculture to get away with things that a small farmer would not. 

These are not all the labels that are out there either! It is amazing how something one would think is so simple really isn't. As you can see, all labels are not created equal. This short list of labels you may find on your food hopefully will allow you to make better green choices when buying your food.

Douglas Michaels Jr. writes educational articles for Green Earth News, the authority on everything Bamboo. For more information on []Bamboo Flavors. Check out Green Earth Bamboo for bamboo towels, []organic bedding, duvet covers, clothing and baby products, all made from the world's most sustainable and renewable resource on the planet.

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6 Health Benefits Of Honey

6 Health Benefits Of Honey
By []Darren W Chow 

Honey is one of nature's rarities: a food that actually fills you up with wholesome properties and leaves you without cravings. From the moment that bees start to produce honey, it is physically engineered to create enzymes and other health properties that have earned it the reputation as a leader in whole foods. 

Honey is more filling than other alternatives. Many foods may fill you up, but with all the additives included, they ultimately work against your health because they have you craving more just a few hours later. Honey's nutritional properties hang with you for a longer amount of time making your diet something that works for you instead of against you. 

Honey satisfies the natural craving for sweets in a healthier way. No matter how strong you think you are when it comes to sweets, you will eventually get the urge to dip in to some chocolate or some other sugary form of goodness. With honey, however, the craving is subsided without all the empty calories and weight gain. The naturally sweet properties of the substance act as an enzyme-creating fuel that satisfies the natural urge in a good way. 

Honey generates heat. This benefit is an especially appealing one as the weather turns cold and you find your body shivering more from the elements. Incorporating honey into your diet helps your body to warm the blood in such a way that can actually produce savings on energy costs and effectiveness. For those with thin blood, honey is a natural boost that should not be left out as the days grow shorter. 

Honey creates and renews energy. Athletes often prefer to make honey a part of their training and diet regimen as it has been known to supply the body with new energy through its natural carbohydrates. In addition to this, it can help the body to more quickly replenish energy after a good workout. 

Honey is germicidal. Not only does it taste good and make a nice addition to the diet, honey is also beneficial when it comes to fighting against germs. Unlike milk, a breeding ground for germs, honey is able to stave off bacteria and result in a healthier you. 

Honey can improve human digestion. Improving the digestion process means greater regularity and less risk of digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome. By coating the intestine and fighting off bacteria in the tract, this substance is one of the great natural forms of internal medicine. While it may not cure all of your ills, it will put you on the fast track to a healthier lifestyle. []GFM Honey and its many benefits have kept health-minded customers coming back for years. With []Manuka Honey, a continued movement toward organic foods, a person can eat less and weigh less while still feeling full. Visit our site to learn more!

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Tips for Making the Best Use of Your Juicer

Tips for Making the Best Use of Your Juicer
By []Marc Tendo 

There is no better way to start the day than with a glass of juice. Here are a few tips to help you make the best use of your juicer.

Most juicers come with a list of juices that you can try. Read the pamphlet and select the juices that sound interesting and start juicing.
Both centrifugal and masticating juicers juice soft fruits and vegetables melons and cucumbers most efficiently. Use this feature to make juices from soft fruits and vegetables. Cucumbers make excellent juices. They are not only healthy but also help weight loss.
Most people do not like pulp in their juices. Some juicers have filters that filter out the pulp. Opt for a masticating juicer like the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer; it has a filter that ensures that there is no pulp.
If you own a centrifugal juicer and are annoyed by the foaming and the clogging switch to a masticating juicer. The masticating juicer is much slower and there is little or absolutely no foam in these juicers.
Opt for fresh farm produce from your nearest farmers market. The fruits and vegetables are the freshest here. Also look for organic produce as it will save you the time peeling them, as organic produce will be free from insecticides and pesticides.
Remove the stones or pips from fruits like apricot, peaches, nectarines, cherries etc, if you do not they will cause damage to your juicer.
If you plan to juice frozen fruits, thaw them and chop them before you feed it to the chute of your juicer. This ensures that are juice is smooth and causes less damage to your juicer.
If you own a centrifugal juicer, drink the juice as soon as possible. The centrifugal juicer spins at a really fast rate and the rate of oxidation of the juice is higher. In the masticating juicer the rate of oxidation is slow because it is much slower.
Some masticating juicers have added features like it can make purees, nut butter and milk too. Make use of these features to make a nut bar or nut butter.

Juices are rich in vitamins and ideal for breakfast. To make the best use of your juicer, start using it at least a couple of times in a week.

A great juicer can be bought online from various e-stores. Look for the best juicer [] for you to make juicing at home [] a happy experience.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

5 Diet Smoothies

5 Diet Smoothies
By []Aurelio Ramos

Do you want more of a smoothie? Or you can't just do it because you are on a diet? Well, if you do, you better look over in this corner first.

Smoothies are a great way to fill yourself up with a quick, juicy, refreshing meal. During the summer months, a cold fruit smoothie is especially delightful, but be warned: drinking too much can help you pack on the pounds, and after working so hard to get in shape for the summer, that's the last thing you want to do. Still, although smoothies are often high in calories, they also usually contain a fair amount of vitamins and other healthful benefits. So you do enjoy a smoothie without having to worry about putting on weight. But, if you do care for your weight, that is what diet smoothies are for.

To lose weight, here are some diet smoothies that will help you lose your weight, but still that will precisely capture and satisfy you:

1.) Berry Berry Blast Smoothie- in this glorious smoothie, it contains a truckload of berries and feel free to shove some boysenberries in here as well as making it a substitution. You can't go wrong combining raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, low fat yogurt (some type of berry yogurt would be best, but plain is fine, too), low fat milk or fat- free milk and ice. While this smoothie is heavy on berries, it doesn't lack of great flavor variety. Enjoy this soothing and wholesome smoothie as you wish!

2.) Another Strawberry Smoothie- can you have many strawberry smoothie recipes? Probably not. So, in order to get the diet type, you need a bunch of strawberries, light fat- free strawberry frozen yogurt, Crystal light or other sugar- free lemonade and an equal sweetener or sugar. This recipe is quick and easy for you to do.

3.) Tofu Smoothie Recipe- to get this awesome smoothie, first you need to have Tropicana Orange-Pineapple, a number of frozen strawberries, honey, vanilla extract, Nasoya silken tofu, vanilla soymilk, banana, and a spike with coconut rum. With these, grab your blender and taste this lovely smoothie.

4.) Tomato Smoothie- tomatoes are a great ingredient for a healthy smoothie recipe because of their antioxidant properties. Men in particular should add tomatoes to their diet to help prevent prostate cancer. In this recipe, you just need to have tomatoes, tomato sauce, apple juice, carrots, celery, Tabasco, and ice. Enjoy your refreshing smoothie!

5.) Tropical Tofu Berry Smoothie- in this diet smoothie, you just need light - free vanilla yogurt, skim milk, banana, soft tofu, plenty of strawberries and blueberries. Mix it all in a blender and you've got the most ideal smoothie, ever!

So, you don't have to give up your smoothie just for your diet. These diet smoothies are for anyone who loves the taste of a delicious smoothie and wants to loose those stubborn pounds or lose a little weight. Grab and try those and enjoy living your life with no worries on your weight!

You are invited to a free year of []success coaching and many more health, wealth and success tips to help you take your success to the next level. Whether this be something as simple as a []healthy smoothie recipe to the latest internet marketing strategy for your business. Enjoy and may you create an amazing day!

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Green Tea Is Powerful For Health - Here's Why

Green Tea Is Powerful For Health - Here's Why
By []Gary A Simms 

We have been reading more and more about how beneficial green tea could be for a lot of ailments and for sustaining all round excellent wellbeing. Those that would like to shed pounds can benefit from the stimulant properties; while those who are more interested in heart and cholesterol effects can take advantage of the powerful antioxidative qualities. Scientists who research and study natural foods seem to keep on rolling with new information about green tea.

In this article, we want to discuss just a few of the healthy reasons to drink copious amounts of this tea.

Green tea can help your cholesterol, which is a very important for your cardiovascular and overall health. Ok, the great news about this is that green tea will raise your good cholesterol (HDL), and at the same time reduce the overall cholesterol. These findings have been born out in both human and animal studies. Of course it's necessary to take this special tea on a daily basis for best and most consistent results.

If you keep up with health related news and information, you've probably heard about the value of antioxidants to keep you healthy. So what this tea also does is support the proper regulation of blood pressure and cholesterol - just to name a few. This special tea has the most wonderful antioxidant called, EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate), and the uses for it in your body are numerous and very healthy. Fresh fruits and veggies also give you the same benefits that are available in green tea. For even better healthy, eat your veggies and fruit plus drink tea throughout your day.

One of the best aspects of this tea is that it's a completely natural way to get important nutrients, and it can be consumed in many different forms. If you prefer, you can just follow suit as the Chinese and Japanese and drink the hot tea. When it's hot outside, just make iced green tea instead of hot tea - problem solved! And if you don't like tea for some reason, or find it too much trouble to make, you can find many supplements that supply you with a healthy dosage. If the caffeine is an issue, then you can get decaf green tea, but you'll be losing the natural stimulant properties for weight loss. No problem about not being able to get to sleep because you can simply make the decaffeinated tea after 5 or 6 PM, etc. It all depends on your preferences and how caffeine effects you.

There really are no drawbacks with this tea because it is safe and natural, and the cost is low so that should not be an issue. You can find green tea in any form you like; so just check out your favorite health store and see what they have. It's a healthy alternative to soft drinks or coffee, and green tea has about half the amount of caffeine as coffee. Keep in mind that we've only talked about a handful of benefits; so there really are a number of solid reasons to start drinking it every day. Green tea really does seem like it promotes health for the entire body.

The benefits of this tea are enormous and powerful, and who knows what else will become known about it. As stated above, you can drink the tea or take it in alternative form. Yes, the more you enjoy green tea, then the more your body will enjoy the healthy support it offers.

Gary Simms has been writing articles for several years and is a contributor for Forex Robots [] and [].

Article Source: [] Green Tea Is Powerful For Health - Here's Why

Top Fast Food Facts

Top Fast Food Facts
By []Disha Ramesh Patel 

The fast food is one of the most popular substitutes for eating in all over the world. And as the time has passed, elders and kids alike have become crazy after it and wish to have varieties it as regular food in their day today life. The reason behind its huge popularity is that it is very quick, convenient and often quite inexpensive.

Sometimes, a question may arise in your mind that why fast-food is so cheap? The answer is, almost all fast-food dishes are made of cheaper ingredients such as refined grains, high fat meat and added sugar, fats rather than nutritious foods like fresh fruits, lean meats and vegetables. Therefore some negative effects of consuming have been found which include -

1. The food is a very high energy density food and it is considered that the high energy density food confuses the brain's control systems for appetite. 
2. It may increase the people's risk of clogged arteries that usually leads to heart attacks.
3. Gains the weight, hence maximum number of people are getting victim of overweight
4. Cause numerous diseases like - High cholesterol, High blood pressure, Heart disease, Breast Cancer, Colon cancer, Gout, Arthritis, Asthma, Diabetes and Strokes
5. Make obesity reach epidemic proportions chiefly in kids. 

These are few negative effects that usually reflect on normal people's life. Still, there is no stop in the rapid growth of food's popularity. If study, you will find every month above 70% or more number of people including kids visit fast-food chains in the world. This is just one site of coin that people often point but many don't know that although, it is not a healthy meal due to much calories, fats and cholesterol, having it occasionally is ok.

On the other hand, keeping good health of people there many renewed restaurants have now started working on quality and make sure that their delights relish their customers without any harm.

Lets see some of the best and renowned fast food restaurants chains of the world, where you will never be fooled and get both the amazing taste and the highest satisfaction. Those big names are - Subway - world's number one fast food chain that has beaten all other competitors in terms of sales in the market. McDonald's - world's second most famous fast-food chain that gives a tough competition to subway every year with its diversified food products. Pizza Hut - 3rd most famous fast food chain of the world that has emerged with a lot of delicious flavors of pizzas and hold a large network of its branches all over the globe. Starbucks - fourth most famous fast food chain of the world that manages to gather a lot of revenues from its sales every year. KFC - 5th most famous food chain of the world, which is chiefly popular for its special type of fried chicken.

It is not essential that you have to visit only these places, otherwise you can not relish food. What you can do is that when you visit a fast food restaurant, just take care of few things related to the preparation of the food they offer.

For more information on []Easy Dinner Recipes and []Fast Food Facts please visit our website.

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