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Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas

Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas
By []Joan A Johnson 

It can be so hard to eat right when you are busy. It's much easier to buy lunch on the go rather than making it at home. I get sick of the same boring sandwich day after day, so I try to have a wide variety of different food at lunch time. Lunch is an important part of the day, what you eat at lunch it can effect you for the rest of the day. You can avoid a drowsy afternoon by eating a healthy lunch!
Here are some great healthy options for your lunchbox:

Mini Quiches: These are a great way to get a good balance of nutrients into your lunch. I use low fat pastry for the base and cook them in large muffin tins. Fill the pastry case with your favorite vegetables (chopped small) and add a little chopped bacon for flavor. Pour over with whisked eggs and milk (1/2 cup of milk to 3 eggs), then bake. They keep well in the freezer. 

Roast Veggie Salad: Left over roast veggies go great in a salad. I dice mine up and mix with mustard, mayo, red onion and raw baby spinach.

Wraps & Pita Pockets: Instead of a sandwich, try using your favorite fillings in a wrap or a pita pocket. There are some great flavored pita pockets, I use garlic flavored with an avocado and chicken filling.

Emergency Meal: I keep an 'emergency meal' at work for those days when i forget lunch or don't have time to make it. It's a good back up and saves me buying lunch. A small can of flavored tuna and a minute rice is a low fat healthy option.

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