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10 Uses For Lemons

10 Uses for Lemons
By []D. Ban 

Fruit Preservative - Squirt a bit of Lemon in your fruit salads. The sour taste gives your salad a bit of a kick to counter sweetness. The acid of lemon will also help keep your salads looking fresh much longer. Noticed that peeled apples turn brown when exposed to air. Using lemon juice will retard this browning process and keep your apple flesh white.

Air Freshener - Leave some lemon peeling in a basket as an air freshener. Lemon peelings retain their zesty smell for much longer than you would expect. Lemon oil is stored in the peelings and release their aroma very slowly. It is great for removing food odours from the kitchen. Stored in the refrigerator, lemon peelings will absorb that stale refrigerator smell.

Vegetable Seasoning - Peel slivers of lemon skin to toss in with roasted or fried vegetables. Then squeeze in a few drops of lemon juice and olive oil.

Linen Bleach - Chop a few lemon drops into a basin of water with your linens. Soak over night, remove, and wash as usual.

Pot and Pan Polisher - Need some shine to the bottom of your pots? Squeeze half a lemon with baking soda to make a paste. Then rub with a scourge all over your pots. This is great for older traditional pots made of copper.

All Round Tile and Sink Cleaner - Mix in some baking soda, salt and lemon juice to make a detergent paste. Add in your regular liquid soap and start scrubbing sinks, tiles, bath tubs and basins.

Stain Remover - This is for stubborn stains. Lemon works better and causes less damage to fabrics. If you want to remove stains from your grandmother's quilt or some heirloom fabrics, use lemon juice. Rub in a few drops of lemon juice mixed in with salt. Then let it out to bleach in the sun for an hour.

Highlight Hair - Give your hair natural looking highlights by coating 3 or 4 strands of hair with lemon juice. Activate lemon's bleaching powers by exposing your hair to sunlight. Make as much highlighted strands as you like, just do not douse your entire head with lemon juice.

Hair treatment  - If your hair develops a styling product build up, then you can douse your entire head with lemon juice. Mix in lemon with some water, use a hair rinse to give the hair new life.

Cure Hiccups - Bite on a lemon wedge when you get the hiccups. You get the same jerk reaction when you are surprised.

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