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Six Kinds of Food to Alleviate Stress Before an Exam

Six Kinds of Food to Alleviate Stress Before an Exam
By []Lv Hongyu 

With the approaching of college entrance examination, the students are under great pressure. They begin to feel more and more nervous and anxious. At this moment, besides psychological guidance, parents can provide them with some kinds of food in daily diet, which can relieve psychological pressure and ease emotional tension, so as to help the students keep a healthy psychological state before the exam. Such foods mainly include the following six kinds:

Firstly, milk: 
Milk is one of the major sources of calcium. Calcium is a natural stabilizer for the nervous system. Research has proved that when people are under certain pressure, the amount of calcium which is discharged through the urine will increase. As a result, students must pay attention to choose the food which contains a high content of calcium, such as milk and yogurt, which can help stabilize their mood.

Secondly, banana: 
Banana contains a special substance, which can help the brain produce serotonin. Serotonin can make the mood become stable and happy. In addition, banana contains a large number of potassium, which can make the blood pressure stay at a normal level. At the same time, the magnesium contained in banana also has the effect of relieving psychological pressure and easing emotional tension.

Thirdly, citrus fruits: 
Eating more foods rich in vitamin C also has the effect of relieving psychological pressure. The main source of vitamin C is fresh fruits and vegetables, including citrus fruits and tomato, which are the best source of vitamin C.

Fourthly, millet congee: 
Millet congee contains a variety of amino acids required by the human body. At the same time, it also contains many other kinds of nutrients, such as high-quality protein, all sorts of minerals, carotene, and so on. What's more, experts have pointed out that, often drinking millet congee can regulate the endocrine system of human body, as well as relax the nerves.

Fifthly, black tea: 
Black tea has the effect of reducing the secretion of stress hormone in the body. As a result, drinking a cup of black tea everyday is helpful for relaxing the nerves and relieving the tense feeling.

Sixthly, whole-wheat bread: 
Whole-wheat bread contains a variety of amino acids and organic acids, which not only can relieve psychological pressure, but also can ease emotional tension. What's more, it is also rich in   rel=nofollow []vitamin B, which has the effects of maintaining the health of nervous system, eliminating anxiety, and promoting sleep.

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