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Seven Healthy Reasons to Eat Chili

Seven Healthy Reasons to Eat Chili
By []David Bynon 

Originally made as a peasant stew, chili was once considered a low quality food, albeit rather tasty. Today, it's known to offer the essential nutrients needed for a healthy diet. Here are seven great reasons to make and eat this delicious dish:

1. It's an excellent source of protein.

The meat and beans in most chili recipes is an excellent source of the protein our bodies need for fuel. Even made vegetarian style, the dish offers the protein needed to help you meet your daily protein requirements.

2. It's loaded with fiber.

Both chilies and beans are loaded with fiber. Fiber in your diet is the best way to slow and regulate the rate at which sugars are absorbed into the bloodstream. As a result, your blood glucose levels remain steady and you feel better.

The capsaicin (a capsaicinoid) in chili peppers is also known to regulate blood sugar levels. A July 2006 study in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that the amount of insulin that was needed to lower a patients' blood sugar after a meal is lower if the meal contains chilies.

3. It contains tons of Vitamin C and Vitamin A.

All chilies, including mild bell peppers, are loaded with Vitamin C. If you use canned tomatoes or tomato paste in your chili recipe, it too offers Vitamin C. In chili verde (green chili), the tomatillos are packed with Vitamin C.

Chilies are also high in Vitamin A, which is known to naturally boost the immune system. The more chilies you use for flavor, the more Vitamin A you pack into the meal. The boost to your immune system is a welcome plus during the winter cold and flu season, plus, chili is simply delicious when it's cold and dreary outside.

4. It's high in iron.

Chili is a good source of iron, especially recipes containing red meat. If you prefer turkey or a meat-less recipe, the beans offer iron without all of the fat.

5. It helps reduce body fat.

The capsaicin found in a spicy bowl of chilies is known to increase metabolic rate by raising bodily heat production. Even bell peppers can increase heat production for up to 20 minutes after consumption.

Chili will also curb your cravings for fatty foods and sweets. Recent research has given some proof that the capsaicinoid in chilies naturally reduces the craving many people have for fatty foods and sweets. So, not only is chili a great hunger-buster, it can also help you control your appetite.

6. It makes you happy!

Chilies improve general mood by releasing endorphins and serotonin. Capsaicinoids are one of the triggers for increasing the production of serotonin and endorphins, and chilies are loaded with it. As serotonin and endorphins increase, so does your mood level, so you can actually feel happier!

7. It clears congestion.

The capsaicin in chilies stimulates mucous secretions offering temporary relief from a stuffy nose. So, make a big pot of chili and breathe easy! []David Bynon is an author and independent consultant specializing in search engine optimization and inbound marketing.

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