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Top 10 Heirloom Vegetables - 10 Vegetables Which Remain To This Day

Top 10 Heirloom Vegetables - 10 Vegetables Which Remain To This Day
By []Vish Patil 

With too much advancement in the field of agriculture, there are a few of the vegetables which have survived the test of time. There were many varieties of vegetables before industrialization of agriculture. With the advent of genetically modified food crops it has become difficult to find heirloom vegetables in the market. You might find it difficult to find heirloom vegetables in your nearby market. Only a few of the crops are grown from generation to generation without modifying their genetic composition. Heirloom food crops are still available because of some people who are interested in growing and preserving the gene pool of certain variety of vegetables. Here are some of them.

Beans - the 'Old Homestead' or the 'Kentucky Wonder' introduced in 1864 is one of the best breed of beans that is widely available in the whole of America. It is the most common pole bean that is available in the market. The other breeds of heirloom beans available in the market are the Blue Lake and the Romano.

Garlic - Garlic has a great price if its heirloom. Garlic is usually used for better flavor and is also used as a substitute for Asafetida. Heirloom Garlic adds a bit of more indigenous flavor for food lovers. With 6-10 cloves per bulb of garlic the 'Spanish Roja' and the 'Red Touch' are the best in the market. It also can be stored for pretty half a year after you buy.

Cabbage - 'Early Wakefield' or 'Early Jersey Wakefield' is very popular form of heirloom cabbage. As the name suggests, this cabbage is evidently available in New Jersey. It weighs an average of three to five pounds and is usually tender and crisp. It has to be preserved in the summer as it turns unpleasant if kept for a longer duration.

Eggplant - Because of the variety in eggplants and the changes in color and size of this plant, it can be easily called a star heirloom vegetable. The botanical name of Eggplant is 'Violetta di Firenze'.

Lettuce - There are two prominent lettuce breeds which can be called heirloom lettuce. They are the 'Paris White Cos' and 'Red Salad Bowl'. The 'Red Salad Bowl' is a loose leaf variety and beautiful to look at. Both the lettuce are crisp and sweet to taste. They are often found during summers.

Melon - 'Jenny Lind' and 'Moon and Stars' are the set of melon heirlooms that you frequent at the market. The 'Moon and Stars' depict the yellow star like structures and a single moon like structure which you can see on the melon. 'Jenny Lind' on the other hand got its name from the famous Swedish opera singer. Both are fleshy, soft and juicy and rich in taste.

Tomatoes - 'Lillian's Brandywine and Yellow' tomatoes are sought after because of their flavor. Both of these tomatoes are a century old. They mature in around 80-100 days.

Squash - 'Ronde de Nice' and 'White Patty Pan' are a few of the heirloom Squash which are available in America. They are usually pale green and scalloped edges. They are usually good for single serving.

Cucumber - 'Yellow Lemon is a kind of cucumber you would relish in your salad. They are small and about the size of a lemon. They are even used to make good pickles.

Pepper- 'Sweet' and 'Hot' are two varied types of heirloom pepper that is available. The Hot pepper is also known as the 'Bulgarian Carrot'. They look like a carrot and are hot. The Sweet Pepper is known as 'Jimmy Nardello". They are long and slender.

There are many other heirloom vegetables but these vegetables that you often come across in a nearby market.

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