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Best Fruits For an Energy Boost

Best Fruits For an Energy Boost
By []Elisabetta Reist 

We have got so many fruits to choose from. Most of them can help us boost our energy. Most of them give us high amounts of vitamin C. That is not all they give us. Most of them contain other vitamins. They also are rich in fibers. These fibers are watersoluble that is, they help us digest our food and give us more nutrients. IN the meantime, they clean our intestines so that our energy raises. 

With all the stress you take in every day, with the anxieties you live, you need something that boosts your energy. It should be as natural as possible.

Fruits are really an excellent choice. You can think of apples. There is a great variety of apples. Not all of them contain the same amount of vitamin C, but all of them are valuable. They also give you good fibers and fruit sugar. Then there are oranges and kiwifruit. Both provide you with vitamin C and the oranges also with carotenes that is an initial form of vitamin A. Kiwifruit supplies you with a lot of vitamin C.

All kinds of red fruits also contain carotenes that are not only antioxidants but also a great help for your eyes. These red colored fruits are for example grapes, strawberries, and various other kinds of berries. As you know, berries are difficult to store. They should be eaten as soon as you buy them. Or, alternately you buy them deep-frozen. They keep their properties during the process of deep-freezing and then you warm them up slowly and can enjoy them as if they were fresh.

Another source of energy boosters are nuts which are also called dried fruit. They contain many minerals, proteins and good fats. They are true energy boosters.

A very valuable fruit is the date. It contains various vitamins, minerals, trace elements and sugar. You could live on a few dates a day if you had to. You wouldn't suffer from deficiency and not even feel hunger.

Bananas are very rich in magnesium and potassium. They can further contribute to your energy because they also contain carbs and sugar.

When you live in an exotic country you will have many fruits that are not available in the USA or only at an expensive price. It's best to eat local fruits. If this is not possible, eat the fruits that have not traveled long distances to arrive onto your table

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