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How Many Ways Are There To Make A Grilled Cheese Sandwich?

How Many Ways Are There To Make A Grilled Cheese Sandwich?
By []Viktoria Carella 

The grilled cheese sandwich. It's one of America's staples and one of the perfect comfort foods for any occasion. You eat it with soup, another comfort food. It goes well with a wide variety of sides and there's a wide variety of ways that you can take this simple little sandwich and turn it into a gourmet masterpiece.

First of all, you can make grilled cheese out of anything-even American cheese. If you want to take it up a notch, one way is to simply switch your filling. Opt for Swiss instead of American or Munster instead of Swiss. Keep in mind when you switch your filling that softer cheeses will melt faster than hard ones and that if you decide to mix them, you may want to heat up the harder one first and then proceed to add the soft cheeses after a minute or two once the harder kind melts more. 

Then, you can add various meats to your sandwich. Prosciutto is a nice, light addition as long as you don't add too much. You can even heat it before you put it on the sandwich so that any fat or grease is off. You can also do the same with large slices of pepperoni. Keep in mind that the more flavorful your meat is, the plainer your cheese should be. For example, provolone goes well with pepperoni because of how delicate its flavor is. The pepperoni doesn't exactly overpower it, but is complemented. However, if you added gorgonzola or feta to the sandwich, it would be way too much. 

You can also add condiments to your sandwich. If you want a very creamy, very delicious sandwich, you can add a tidbit of mayonnaise to it in order to add just a tiny bit of zing and to also make it soft and gooey. This works well with harder cheese and adds a little something-something flavor-wise also. 

You can also add a bit of mustard and mayonnaise to your sandwich for even more flavor but keep in mind that it can over power it if you add too much. Try to add � mustard and � mayonnaise and see how it turns out. 

You can also use different breads. White bread is normally pretty nice, but you have a variety of other interesting and nice bread choices. And you can even make a croque-monsieur! What's this? A grilled cheese and prosciutto sandwich with bread that has been cooked the same way as French toast, except without any sugar. It's France's answer to grilled cheese!

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