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Brilliant Uses For Onions

Brilliant Uses for Onions
By []Tahzib Haider

While your freshly primed bedroom looks fit for a king, those toxic fumes are giving you a royal headache. And the scent is still lingering even though you've had a window open for hours. To eliminate the odor so you can enjoy the space, slice and onion into quarters and place one in each corner of the room. The unpleasant smell is caused by the unpleasant smell is caused by the volatile organic compounds in paint. As the onion begins to shrivel up and dry, its layers absorb the volatile organic compounds to prevent the fumes from invading your home.

The plates on the tale show on trace of the burgers you served for dinner, but the grill? Gross! Strike while the grates are still hot: Slice an onion in half and place it cut side down on a flat surface. Insert a metal fork for handle and use to remove the burnt on grit. The friction created by pressing the onion against the grates releases enzymes called alliinases (a class of enzymes found in plants, such as garlic and onions) that break down grease and grime. Once the grates have cooled, wipe with a damp paper towel. Finish by brushing on a thin coating of vegetable oil so your next post-cookout cleanup will be a breeze.

The last time you cleaned the kick plate on your front door, the fumes of the polish gave you such a headache. But you can keep the brass in tip-top without the effects of cleaners. Halve simmer on the stove top in one cup of water for two hours. After the liquid has cooled, dip a lint-free cloth in the solution and use to buff the brass. The heat releases the onion's acids into the water, which will break down any scuff marks and tarnish. Then simply wipe clean with a damp cloth and see your brass shine.

Your rusty trowel has seen better days, but it has sentimental value. To clean off the rust, simply stick the corroded metal in a raw onion and carefully wiggle it around to release the juices. Let it sit in the onion for an hour, then rinse away any residue and wipe dry with a lint-free cloth. The bulbs' enzymes split the rust-forming bonds between iron and oxygen, leaving the tools gleaming.

Your 8-years old took a ball straight to the nose. To halt he blood flow, lay him down and place an ice pack on his forehead so it touches the top of his nose. Then have him take a few sniffs of freshly sliced onions. The vegetable's vapors act as a coagulating agent, clotting the blood so your little ball player can get back in the game.

Despite your best efforts, a few mosquitoes still managed to make you their meal at your neighbor's barbecue. To prevent the irritating itch from cutting the festivities short, rub an onion slice on the spot. The detoxifying sulfur compounds in the bulb neutralize the insect's venom, quickly reducing inflammation-and the urge to scratch.

 Coughing and congestion have been keeping you up at night, and the timing couldn't be worse - your long-awaited vacation is less tan a week away. To feel better fast, chop a fresh onion and place in a clean thin cotton sock. Secure with a twist tie or rubber band and leave on your nightstand overnight. Repeat nightly until your symptoms subside. Inhaling onion's strong antibacterial vapors helps break up mucus while killing infection-causing microbes. You'll be berating easy in no time!

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