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5 Of The Best Breakfasts To Start Your Day

5 Of The Best Breakfasts To Start Your Day
By []Leo Orchad 

Well, it has been proven many times that breakfast is good for you, and it doesn't have to be too much of a task to make it in the mornings. I cannot start the day without it, so with that in mind, I am going to share with you my 5 healthy best breakfasts to start the day.

The best juice has to be tomato. It is choc full of the disease fighting antioxidant called lycopene. Studies have shown this to reduce your risk of heart disease and even breast cancer. It's better for your teeth, as it contains less sugars than the traditional orange juice.

Next up are berries. Not only low in sugar and calories but they are also full of antioxidants, very high in fact. This helps to fight free radicals and speed up cell renewal.

The best cereal? Granola. An excellent start to the day as it has a fibre-combo of wholegrain oats, nuts and seeds that are rich in essential omega 3's. Just a tip, be careful when shopping for Granola, as many pre-prepared brands are very high in sugar. How about trying to make your own?

Wholemeal sourdough has got to be the best choice for toast..why? The sourdough technique does not use commercial yeast, making it easier to digest and you won't feel so sluggish after eating, unlike normal bread. It is also low it will keep you going until lunch.

Lastly, plain live yoghurt has to be the best too. This is rich in protein, vitamin B2 and calcium. Remember also that it is high in probiotics, meaning it will keep your digestive system healthy. None of these contain added sugar which you will almost always get in sweetened fruit versions. My favorite is 0% far Greek yoghurt.

So there you are, quick and easy breakfasts that will help you start the day in the best healthy way. Prepare them the night before, so even if you get up late in the morning, you will still have time to enjoy them. Some people would argue that breakfast should be skipped as it does you no good at all. The reason they say that is probably the fact that they can't get out of bed in time and are too rushed to make themselves anything to eat.

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