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Superfruit Immune Boosters - Natural Nutrition Gone Wild

Superfruit Immune Boosters - Natural Nutrition Gone Wild
By []Tamara Timberland 

The term "SuperFruit" is actually a label created by the food and beverage industry to promote the benefits of certain nutrient-rich antioxidant fruits that are believed to have exceptional health benefits. Though numerous fruits native to North America could easily qualify as superfruits, the term seems to favor fruits of an exotic, tropical origin. The most controversial superfruits known today are noni and acai. Even though their health and nutritional benefits are undisputed, their credibility has suffered due to overhype and false claims.

Accessibility and quality

Not too long ago, superfruits were expensive beverages that were relegated to the obscure aisles of health food stores. Now superfruit drinks can be readily acquired in grocery and convenience stores. It is important to note that the quality of these beverages can vary widely. Many low-cost brands will dilute the pure superfruits with cheaper and more accessible juices like apple or grape.

Buyer Beware

Beware of manufacturers who claim that their beverages will cure chronic health conditions and terminal diseases. Some of the claims are based on anecdotal evidence, while others are outright hype. As of this writing, the FDA has not established that any of the superfruits are a cure-all. Moreover, the government is cracking down on companies and individuals who seek to profit by making unsubstantiated claims. The superfruit industry is a multi-billion dollar enterprise, and modern-day "Snake Oil" salesmen are trying to get their slice of the pie.

What defines a superfruit?

The experts agree that all fruits belonging to this category should have exceptional antioxidant properties and deliver superior nutritional value.

What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are the nutrients present in food that can slow or prevent oxidative damage to our bodies. They help us by fighting the naturally occurring by-products of oxygen in our cells (free radicals). Therefore, antioxidants can both prevent and repair the damage cause by the free radicals. Oxidative damage is known to be a contributor to numerous health conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Antioxidants are also believed to be helpful in strengthening the immune system.

How much SuperFruit Drink should one drink daily?

Although quality SuperFruit drinks can be pricey, you don't need to consume very much to enjoy the benefits. These drinks are very concentrated, so 1 to 2 ounces per serving is sufficient for the average person.

The author, Tamara Timberland, is a health food and fitness enthusiast who writes about Ardyss International [] body shapers and nutritional products. She is also a distributor for Ardyss [], home of the Two-Step System that features three super-antioxidant beverages and the Ardyss Body Magic Shaper.

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