Thursday, January 23, 2014

Top 10 Tips to Save Money on Food

Top 10 Tips to Save Money on Food
By []Sophie S Branch 

1. Write a list. 

Sounds simple but who can resist the smell of freshly baked bread, fresh strawberries and discounted wine? Stick your blinkers on, get all the things on your list and you'll find it easy to save money.

2. Eat before you shop.

I've made this error in the past - gone to the supermarket when I've been hungry - I ended up with far more food than I needed! If you eat, you won't be tempted to buy that pre-roasted duck that looks so delicious!

3.Look up and down

When I found this out, it all started to make sense - supermarkets put the products they want you to buy at eye level! So when you're looking for a particular product, e.g. pasta - they will put the cheaper brands high or low on the shelf. Now you know!

4. Leftovers for lunch

Start saving money on lunch by getting a lunchbox and eating what you ate the night before. Some food, like Spaghetti Bolognaise tastes even better the day after!

5. Coupon cutting. Cut out any coupons you see from local newspapers. It's an easy way to save money, especially if you use them to plan your weekly food menu.

6. Local market hunting. 

Find your local shops and check the prices of fruit and vegetables. Often you'll discover it's cheaper to buy from markets and you'll be supporting local businesses in the process!

7.Weekly food plan

This is a fantastic idea and will help you save lots of money on food. Plan everything, breakfast, lunch and dinner. It will help you to get to grips with what ingredients you can buy in bulk - such as chicken breasts - use them for lunch and dinner! It means you don't end up buying things you don't need and can focus on delicious meal ideas! Why not check out Sainsburys where they tell you how to feed your family for a fiver. If you don't have a family, you can save the rest for lunch or sometimes even freeze it for a quick microwavable meal at a later date!

8. Shop online.

If you haven't already heard of My Supermarket you should check it out. It's a fantastic way to compare prices across the largest stores in the UK, such as Asda, Tescos, Boots, Superdrug and more. If you can see where your weekly shop will be cheapest your piggy bank will be very happy with you!

9. Reductions

Your local supermarket will have a reduction section where they have lots of items that often go out of date the next day. Don't forget that you have a freezer - this means you can buy all the meat and keep it until you need to cook with it! Don't forget to check the freezing instructions on a product.

10. Can you get something for free?

Believe it or not you can get things for   rel=nofollow []free. 

Sites such as often offer free samples of food and drink - past free stuff includes Kit Kats and Twinings Tea.

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