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12 Foods That Define New Orleans

12 Food That Define New Orleans
By []Stephanie Hua 

New Orleans is known for great food and good music. Food are cooked in rich ingredients like butter, cream and duck fat in abundance. Seafood is available in variety like oysters, shrimps, crawfish, etc. So you need to have ample time and good appetite to enjoy that when in New Orleans.

I am outlining 12 best foods that I enjoyed in New Orleans.

Crispy Frog Legs:

Hmm... lick lick lick... The crunchiest frog legs ever had, approximately of the size of chicken leg piece. Served along with spinach, red onion pickles and apple vinegar. The frog meat is resembles something something between chicken and fish.

Crabmeat Croquetas:

These are little deep fried, creamy and delicious balls, seasoned with b�chamel spice. Served with sauce mounted with cream cheese and parmesan, with lumps of blue crab claw meat added in.

Fried Oyster Eggs Benedict:

Perfectly poached eggs on toasted English muffin, kicked up a notch with the addition of big, fat, cornmeal-crusted, fried oysters scattered on top.

Famous Ferdi Oyster Po' Boy:

Made with baked ham, roast beef, debris, and gravy. It is chock full of juicy, plump, golden-fried oysters.

Abita Beer Battered Oyster Tacos:

Featuring fat oysters, beer-battered in local Abita brew, the tacos are loaded up with an Asian slaw of cabbage, carrots, cucumber, and onion dressed in olive oil and rice wine vinegar, Cotija cheese, sesame guacamole, tomato-ginger salsa, and a drizzle of Sriracha-spiked aioli. Despite the fried element, the fresh crunch of the slaw and bright flavors gave this dish a light feel to it.

Seared Chicken Rillette

it may be gussied up with a shallot-mustard seed relish and a flourish of crisped chicken skin on top, but at its soul, it's simply put, a fine dish of Southern comfort, replete with a pool of rich bacon broth.

Shrimp Sardou

A generous portion of spicy fried shrimp served over sliced artichoke bottoms and creamed spinach. A blanket of Hollandaise sauce completes the dish.

Salted Caramel Banana King Cake

The regal King Cake starts with the traditional Danish dough, which is filled with salted caramel, fresh bananas, roasted pecans, mascarpone cheese, and caramel latte.

Pancetta Mac-n-Cheese

It's a king cake with Mac and Cheese with crunchy bits of breadcrumb toppings.

Collard Greens & Grit Fries

The greens are cooked in a rich duck stock, with bit of garlic, a lot of butter, and a bright splash of pepper vinegar accompanied with the grit fries that are perfectly crispy and creamy.

Thin Fried Catfish

The catfish is extremely thinly sliced, exactly like wafer chips. There is no trace of extra fat that makes the cornmeal-crusted fish impossibly light and crispy, so thin they curl up into ribbons of gold. It is served with hush puppies, French fries, and coleslaw.

Barbequed Shrimp:

The perfect dish that makes NOLA's Sea Cuisine complete. Unlike other BBQ recipes, this is BBQ without any BBQ, where they are actually saut�ed within their own shells in peppery sauce full of Creole spices, garlic, lemon juice, etc. The recipe can be read completely here at:   rel=nofollow

The dish is served with ol' hunk of Crispy Soft and Airy French bread for dipping.

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