Wednesday, January 22, 2014

4 Very Common Foods That Burn The Fat!

By Lee C. Starks 

Most people don't realize there are foods that really do help burn the fat. Most of the diets we read about actually claim that you need to starve yourself in order to lose weight, which is one of the worst things you can do to lose that extra 10 pounds!

The truth is that your body needs to burn more calories to digest these foods and guess what? The more calories you burn to digest these certain foods the faster we lose weight! Sounds pretty simple so far right?

As we get older, our metabolic rate tends to slow down a bunch! Ever notice that most people gain weight much easier in middle age? The slower we burn less calories means more weight gain. Eating some of these special foods can turn on our fat burning furnace and we can get to losing the weight! Here are just 4 of the many foods that will help melt the fat.

1. Green Tea: If you drink tea every day or even coffee you can replace it with the green tea. This tea contains fat burning chemicals which will in fact help us lose the weight and excess water retained. It is now clear why so many fat loss supplements in the stores contain green tea as an ingredient!

2. Peanut Butter: Yes that's right this delicious food is a great substitute for real butter which is rich in fat. Peanut butter is is full of protein and fiber of which both help us lose weight! Yes while the protein helps build lean muscle,the fiber fills us up thus suppressing the appetite! 

Peanut butter is available in most every grocery store around,but it is recommended you use the all natural kind which has way too much sugar. Sugar turns to fat and we don't want that now do we? Plus it makes a great breakfast when combined with wholegrain wheat,like a muffin or toast.

3. Almonds: There are as you know, two types of fat which can be both good and bad. The bad fats you need to stay away from because they will make you fat! The good fats supplied in almonds is a fatty acid and protein mixture that actually helps to burn fat by turning up our metabolic rate!

4. Beans: Beans taste good in many recipes and are full of fiber which helps suppress our appetite by making us feel fuller quicker and longer. Ever eat a huge meal and declare"I can't eat another bite?" Well that is what a fiber rich food will make you feel like with less than half the amount of a starchy food!

Most people who have a weight issue are most concerned with belly fat. And the one tactic that is most effective to fight belly fat is exercise! Oh no did i say a bad word? Yes even a mild exercise or increase in heart rate for at least twenty minutes a day can really help lose the belly fat combined with a watchful eye for the best foods that burn the fat.

Even going for a walk around the block or down the road and back on a regular basis is of great benefit. Go walk at least every other day and see and feel how much better you feel when you get back home and sit back on the couch,you just feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in your own effort!

Look on the internet and see what kind of body resistance exercises you can do at home. You don't need a gym or weights, just your own desire to work out and a few simple exercises and you are off to a great start!

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