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Greek Yogurt Vs Regular Yogurt - Which One To Choose?

Greek Yogurt Vs Regular Yogurt - Which One To Choose?
By []Jennifer Fidder 

When I talked with my customers about eating habits and the ideal eating plan designed for fat reduction, I noticed that most of them have no idea that there are different kind of yogurts on the market (and no, I'm not talking about banana or strawberry flavor!). So I decided I would write an article named Greek yogurt vs. regular yogurt to kind of give you an idea just what distinguishes Greek yogurt from regular yogurt.

Before we are able to focus on the dissimilarities though we've got to explain what precisely Greek yogurt is. It's a sort of yogurt which was strained in a filter or a textile to take out the whey. Consequently its texture and consistency is usually somewhere between regular yogurt and cheese.

And there you've already got the first significant difference: the actual consistency. However it's not only the feel that produces a big difference. In contrast to regular yogurt the Greek variation consists of a smaller amount of fat and is also much higher in necessary protein (remember, we need protein in order to improve muscle gain). Additionally, it contains less sugar and so allows you to keep your carbohydrate consumption under control. When it is made out of cow milk it almost tastes just like the regular alternative. You can also buy it made from sheep milk, then its flavor will be sourer and you may take it to make sauces or dips.

When it comes to weight-loss (and not only then!) our Greek friend is a wonderful choice. It gives you a lot of protein, will keep you full and satisfied and may be prepared in a wide variety of methods. For example, you could have a terrific protein loaded breakfast when you eat it together with berries, you can easily use it as one of the ingredients for your protein pancake, give a little bit in your healthy morning shake, or come up with a nice dip for carrots or cucumbers.

Here is actually one of my personal favorite and simple to make recipes: Take a single serving of Greek yogurt, half a dozen walnut halves and just one tablespoon of all-natural honey. Yummy!! However, do not forget that this would not be a post workout meal due to the fats in the walnuts. Have it in the morning or in the evening.

You can purchase this kind of yogurt in any supermarket in the regular yogurt section. Try to stay away from the flavored variants since the majority of the time they include extra carbs or preservatives.

If this was a competition, Greek yogurt vs. regular yogurt, I might have to say the winner should be the Greek yogurt!

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