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Health and Wellness: 10 Reasons Why Vitamin Supplementation Doesn't Work ( Or Do They?)

Health and Wellness: 10 Reasons Why Vitamin Supplementation Doesn't Work (Or Do They?)
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Dr._Debbie_Thompson]Dr. Debbie Thompson 

First, before reading on let me introduce you to your critical mind. Your critical mind does not have an opinion. Your critical mind is not judgmental. Your critical mind gathers information and comes to a personalized decision.

Growing up my mother would regularly say, "Well I know it's true because 'Famous Women's Magazine' said this in an article.

Use the following 10 reasons why vitamins and supplements do not work and make your own personalized lifestyle decision for your very best health and wellness.

1. Not Digested - It's common to see undigested supplements in the gut on x-rays. Make sure your supplements are bio-available.

2. Body Doesn't Recognize - Isolated pieces of food are not as recognizable to your body and can actually cause toxicity. That's why vitamins always work better with food. Some isolated vitamins have been known to cause an increased incidence of unhealthy conditions. Choose whole food supplementation.

3. Poor Nutrition Content - Choose supplementation that is rich with nutrition and based on whole foods.

4. Nothing's Missing - If it's not broken don't fix it. Have yearly blood tests to monitor Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B to see if you need to take them. They are very common deficiencies, but you may not need them.

5. Take Only What You Need - Do not take a supplement just because someone else is taking it. What are your health goals? What symptoms do you have that you need support with?

6. Allergic Reactions - Food allergies are at an all time high today. Vitamins and supplements are a concentrated form of food. Seek out a health practitioner who is able to check which vitamins you might be reacting to.

7. Too Many Too Fast - The 'All or Nothing' approach does not work well with supplementation. If you take too much too fast you can cause a reaction. A gradual approach will reduce reactions and create better results.

8. Complex Symptom List - If you have multiple symptoms and diagnoses I recommend that you find a health professional who practices nutrition to guide you through this process.

9. Approach Is Too Broad or Too Narrow - After a full health history, I recommend the best choice for my patient to begin with: broad based or specific supplementation. Digestive issues are one of the most common challenges that work well with specific vitamin supplementation. My goal in this case is to cause change as quickly as possible.

10. Toxicity - Many vitamins and supplements on the market are loaded with chemicals: herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals and many other toxins. How do you know for sure? Learn to read the label. It is not uncommon to find the heavy metal aluminum in kids chewable vitamins. Basic rule: Avoid supplementation with added artificial colors, dyes or flavors. Check the Quality Assurance and tests for toxicity for the nutritional supplements you are considering.

We are surrounded by so many health and wellness choices today. It's important for you to make an informed decision. My goal for myself is the highest quality whole food nutrition supplementation possible.

The biggest side effect of solid whole food supplementation is great health. Be careful. You could end up feeling better than you ever thought possible.

If you still have questions consult your local chiropractor, naturopath or other alternative health practitioners who focus on nutrition.

Bonus Tip - Eat plentiful amounts of whole nutritious foods.

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Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Health-and-Wellness:-10-Reasons-Why-Vitamin-Supplementation-Doesnt-Work-(Or-Do-They?)&id=8201984] Health and Wellness: 10 Reasons Why Vitamin Supplementation Doesn't Work (Or Do They?)

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