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Juicing - How to Make Sure Your Children Are Getting Their Vitamins

Juicing - How to Make Sure Your Children Are Getting Their Vitamins
By []Carole M Cooney 

Hippocrates was the first "famous" medical practitioner of all time, if not the greatest of them all. One of his main beliefs was 'you are what you eat'. There is sufficient scientific evidence out there to prove that poor nutrition plays a leading role in attracting and going on to develop diseases, and the current trend is for Doctors and Health Organisations around the world preach to us constantly about things such as our "five a day", the importance of eating a large variety of fruit and vegetables etc. 

How many of us despair of ever getting something decent into our childrens' mouths? As parents, we know only to well how difficult it is to get a finicky child to eat or drink what they are supposed to eat or drink! Juicing is a fantastic way of combating the faddiness of your much loved and cherished little nemesis! The bright colour of fresh juice combined with the natural sweetness and delicious flavour help overcome any reservations you child might have. They especially enjoy an opportunity to become heavily involved in messing up your kitchen, given the chance! Juicing can be messy - something which all children enjoy! So someday when there is nothing much to do, why not get the blender out and make a smoothie with some fresh fruit and other healthy ingredients such as yoghurt added to the mix? 

Raw, freshly prepared vegetable and fruit juices are abundant in natural organic nutrients that are easily absorbed and delivered in exactly the form that the body requires for its many processes. Delivering this top quality nutrition in liquid form means you get a super-dose of organic plant nutrients in a single glass. This liquid sunshine provides building blocks of the metabolic processes that go on at a cellular level throughout the body, rebuilding and regenerating healthy tissue. You can "drink" a far larger quantity of fruit and veg than you could possibly eat, when it is juiced, ensuring your body gets plenty of the nutrition it needs to function with vibrant health. 

Raw, vegetable and fruit juices contain many many natural organic nutrients, and when they are juiced they are absorbed much more easily into the body and delivered to the relevant areas of the body in double quick time to enable the body to carry out its many processes with maximum efficiency. One glass of juice equals the equivalent of a super concentrated dose of organic plant nutrients. Fresh juices are the necessary elements for building metabolic processes, rebuilding and regeneration of healthy tissue. 

Juicing is also highly recommended for people who are ill or convalescing, as it supplies the body with nutrition on tap which is a powerful combatant against disease. In many cases convalescents find it difficult to swallow and find the idea of eating nauseating, therefore Juicing is the perfect solution. Juicing is used in nutritional therapies all the time, and even conventional medicine agree that it has proven to provide a level of success. If you start juicing on a regular basis, your body will very soon show you the benefits.

Because you can consume far more fruit and vegetables in liquid form than you can in solid form this will ensure your body will be in tip top sparkling, vibrant, radiant health. Worth giving it a go, don't you think?

Losing weight or getting healthier need not be a tedious, unwelcome chore. There is no need to miss meals or exercise until you drop. Try juicing and discover a better body-friendly way to drop those pounds and build perfect body health easily. Visit for a free copy of 'Get Your Daily Fix of Liquid Sunshine' to discover even more about the benefits of losing weight with juicing. It works - Carole lost ten pounds in ten days. Visit her blog to learn more about how she did it:

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