Friday, January 31, 2014

From Bar Food to Picnics - Your 10 Options for Eating on a Budget

From Bar Food to Picnics - Your 10 Options for Eating on a Budget
By []Simon S Smith

If you're passionate about food and looking for something fun to do this weekend, but don't have the budget to head to an expensive restaurant, you may be in need of inspiration. Here are 10 ideas for enjoying some great food without having to break the bank.

1. Bar food - Great food is no longer exclusive to high-end, expensive restaurants. There are some great bars serving great bar food - including a mix of old favourites and new, exciting dishes. Why not check out a few bar menus before you head out the door and choose somewhere that suits your taste and budget.

2. Pub grub - Likewise, pubs also represent some really good places to eat. From your local establishment to gastro pubs in the city centre, there is a wide selection to choose from and a broad choice of dishes to try.

3. Cafes - If you're heading out earlier in the day, there are a great many cafes offering tasty meals and snacks throughout the country. No matter whether you live in a small town or big city, you're bound to find one that you like. Many offer foods from different countries, such as Greece or even Armenia.

4. Barbecue - This summer favourite is great when the weather is behaving itself and if you and your friends are all willing to chip in, the cost is relatively inexpensive. Alternatively, you may find that a number of bars and pubs are hosting their own barbecue, allowing you to tuck into burgers, sausages and other treats in a beer garden.

5. Cook for yourself - If you're a dab-hand in the kitchen and don't mind staying in this weekend, why not cook for yourself? Perhaps hosting a dinner party or arranging a romantic meal in for two will be a more enjoyable experience than a formal restaurant experience.

6. Snack bars - If you're off out doing other things at the weekend and would like to fit a tasty snack in and around your plans, a snack bar could be a good option. In recent years, a number of healthy snack bars have opened up to rival the fast-food establishments and meet the needs of the health-conscious public.

7. Bakery - If you can't budget for a meal, but would still like a food treat, a bakery could be the answer. From pastries and bread to a rich array of cakes, you could enjoy a tasty snack for relatively little cost.

8. Two-for-ones - If you are up for a meal out, but are worried you can't afford it, why not check out the wide number of deals being offered by bars, pubs and restaurants in your area. There are some fantastic two-for-ones and special offers available, so be prepared to look before you book.

9. Takeaway - Although they can get quite expensive, takeaways are possible to achieve on a fairly restricted budget; they're certainly a lot cheaper than restaurants. From Chinese and Indian to Thai and English, there's a broad range of options to decide between.

10. Picnics - Finally, you could just pack a basket of food delights and head off to a park or the country with a blanket. Whether it's as a group of friends or as a couple, it may be a nice alternative if the sun is out to play.

If you're looking for []good places to eat and bar []bar food sounds like a good option, why not check out some bar menus to see what deals, dishes and surroundings are on offer.

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