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7 Simple Secrets To Great Health!

7 Simple Secrets To Great Health!
By []Mike John Hall 

Are you plagued by niggly health issues that you can never seem to shake off? The following easy-to-implement tips will see your health levels sky rocket - from shaking off colds to lowering blood pressure!

1) Cut out the caffeine!

If you need a caffeine fix to get you started in a morning, it could be that you're addicted. Too much caffeine can cause you to miss out on much-needed sleep. It can also cause headaches, anxiety and a temporary increase in blood pressure. Try drinking green tea or herbal tea for a tasty and healthier alternative to caffeine-heavy hot drinks, and fruit juice instead of drinks such as cola.

2) Try to keep stress in check!

Many of us lead stressful lives, but there are ways to alleviate stress so it doesn't overwhelm you. Listen to calming music or take deep breaths to calm yourself down. Remember, too, that overwhelm is rarely solved by trying to complete a task too quickly - take a step back for a minute or two, gather your thoughts then return to the task at hand.

3) Try to walk more!

Not only a great thing for physical health, walking can also be great for improving your mental health. So, walk short distances instead of driving (ie: to the local shops) or park the car further from your destination so there's an opportunity to stretch your legs at the end of a drive.

4) If you smoke, stop!

It's hardly a secret that smoking's bad for you, but as well as taking years off your life expectancy and running the risk of contracting cancer, it also leaves you generally short of breath, with chest pains poorer skin and more susceptible to getting coughs and colds. Read Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking if you're really struggling.

5) Drink alcohol in moderation!

A glass of red wine here and there is thought to protect against heart disease, but try not to go over the top. Aside from the damage too much alcohol can do to your body, it can also lead you to feel tired, cloud your judgement and make you depressed and anxious. Ensure you have more alcohol-free days a week than not, and don't overdo it on the others.

 6) Eat lots of fruit and vegetables!

As a general rule, the more colourful the items on the plate, the better the meal will be for you. Instead of having meals that are predominantly meat-based with a little veg on the side, aim for the other way round.

7) Cut out dairy!

Consider this: how many other animals drink the milk of another species to avoid their health being jeopardised? The answer, of course, is none, and despite the claims of many, humans don't need cow's milk to live a healthy life. For all the benefits of things milk provides, such as potassium, there are sources for it elsewhere. Too much dairy can also lead to weight-gain and high blood pressure, so explore dairy-free alternatives.

This article has given you great ways improve your health, and if you act on the information in this short article, I guarantee you won't look back.

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