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An Overview Of Chiles From New Mexico

An Overview Of Chiles From New Mexico
By []Norman M. Carter 

You can find that chile peppers grow all over New Mexico, but this primary source of chile peppers originates in the southern New Mexico area. Hatch, New Mexico has been named the "chile capital of the world". Chiles have been found in American territories tracing 6,000 years back. There is some discrepancy about how the green chile pepper made it's way to New Mexico, it appears the Pueblo Indians that were native to the area where cooking with the spicy pepper many years ago. 

When visiting New Mexico, it can be great to plan your trip around the annual Hatch Valley Chile Festival. This happens late in the summer each year. You can find many events at the festival that can teach you about the history of the chile pepper in New Mexico. The Hatch pepper is celebrated at this fun festival. 

There are many products that are made exclusively in New Mexico. You can find great kits to help you make stews and soups with chile peppers. You can make a green chile sauce at home just like you get in a restaurant with the right kit. You simply add water and you have a great sauce. No one will ever question the ease of this sauce. 

You can also find premade jugs of green chile sauce that you can use to top anything. A can of green chile peppers can give you a reason to spend more time in your kitchen preparing meals with these outstanding New Mexico green chiles. 

You can explore the different types of chile peppers that are produced in the New Mexico area. This can include the variety of chile that most people are most familiar with, the green chile. The green chile is most often seen as a sauce that appears on many southwest cuisine in the south and also in Mexico. 

The red chile is used in many of the same ways as the green chile, but many people report that the red chile has a slightly sweeter flavor. This is a mild chile that may not provide the heat factor that other peppers usually have. Some even say that this is a chile that has a slight "cherry" taste. 

Hatch chile peppers have a more mild to even medium heat complex. This is a pepper that is grown in New Mexico that has a very meaty flesh. They often have a very short season for growing, but this is a pepper that you can peel and freeze to store easily. With the meaty flesh of this chile, it can be used for a variety of purposes in cooking. 

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