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Foods to Eat for Energy - 6 Remarkable Benefits of Eating In The Raw

By []Maria Renouf 

If you want to live disease-free, with abundant energy and zest for living; if you want to remain strong and resist aging, then you need to concentrate on food to eat for energy. A diet rich in raw foods might just be the one for you.

The trouble is that we live in a world where processed, and convenience foods predominate. We have come to accept them as a way of living, and making that transition to high-raw is challenging.

People often begin the process of eating more raw foods, only to revert to the standard, processed diet at a later stage. It's got everything to do with convenience!

You know, even in deciding to embrace more fruits and vegetables into one's diet, the fact is that buying most of this in the supermarket would probably not promote great changes in health.

Most fruits and vegetables in supermarkets have travelled vast distances, many from overseas, some of it is unseasonal, and with much of the goodness compromised. Some fruits come from countries where chemicals, now banned in most westernized countries, are allowed to be used.

Farmers' Markets

And so, the farmers' markets are springing up around the world, bringing with them, fresh, local produce that we can mostly trust, lots of it being organic.

This is where we can begin our raw journey.

You see, only raw and unrefined foods have the ability to regenerate our bodies, and nourish us at a cellular level. Living foods promote life, and prevent the depletion of our bodies' own life-supporting supply of enzymes.

It's as simple as that!

Cooked, processed foods, on the other hand, are almost always deficient in nutrients, and are certainly not energy promoting. Think about a traditional Christmas Day feast. How much energy do people have after gorging on that?

The reality is that when we cook food over a certain temperature, that is, 117 degrees, we destroy much of the life-giving force - and the body, by the way, treats this cooked food as a toxin!

On the other hand, a diet rich in leafy (and versatile) plant food, combined with nuts, and seeds, sea vegetables, sprouted grains and legumes, will give us energy we could never have dreamed of. Such a diet will serve to regenerate the body.

Raw food is easy to digest, and will support your bank of energy, as well as hydrating you at the same time.

Whereas processed, cooked food, with all its additives, will steal from your enzyme bank, and deplete your energy store.

Consider these 6 remarkable benefits of eating raw food:

Raise your energy levels;
Clean out toxins in your blood;
Provide amazing nutrients, vitamins and minerals;
Work at a cellular level to oxygenate your blood;
Help maintain a sleek, healthy body; and
Alkalize the body.

Go organically raw!

Lots of people reading this would immediately suggest that they can't afford organics. But if you really want to turn your health around, you really should consider the health origins of whatever you are eating.

When we buy certified organics, we can be assured of the time rule regarding the use of pesticides. Some farmers may sell 'organically grown' produce, but may not be able to be certified because of previous use of pesticides in the soil.

These farmers have to wait around seven to ten years before they can obtain their organic certification. It's rightly strict!

Conventional growing, using pesticides, depletes the soil, whilst organic farming supports and gives back to the soil. That is, soil that disease-resistant plants thrive upon, and so too, will you, if you choose to feast on them!

This is the kind of eating that nature intended for all of us - food to eat for energy and to promote healing.

From your natural health promoter and friend, Maria Renouf.

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