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The Right Cheese Knife for the Right Cheese: How to Find Them?

The Right Cheese Knife for the Right Cheese: How to Find Them?
By []Rod Virender 

Right cheese knife for the right cheese and how to find them is the topic we discuss in this article. The increase in wine drinking in America has brought with it a new focus on cheese. A lot of people are just learning how to pair wines with food to enjoy them and obviously cheese is one of those foods that scream for wine. So as we start to explore new cheeses from the Brie's, Camembert's, Roquefort's, Reblochon's, Parmesan's, Pecorino Romano's and so on we find we need to put out various knives to cut them so as not to contaminate the flavors of the different cheeses. However, your regular salad knives or dinner knives don't really work that well so you go off to your local kitchen store and you buy a cheese knife. Well, if you find a really good store you will find that they sell a variety of knives for different cheeses: long slender knives that cut the soft cheeses, shorter and heavier knives for the hard cheeses. There are also those in between which we call the medium paste cheeses which require yet a different knife.

Therefore, when you invite over guests to your house the next time for wine and cheese, offer them a wide selection of cheeses with the right Cheese knife for each cheese. Using the right style of knife is great but you also need the quality too. The blade should be of the best stainless steel. Look for the Inox label which is to stainless steel what Sterling is to silver. You also want the right mix of alloys. The preferred mix is 18-10 which means 18% chrome and 10% nickel. Manufacturers only need to put in 10.5% chrome and zero nickel to call it stainless. However, if you want that special luxurious luster of the top grade stainless steel do not settle for anything below 18-10. As for country of origin, who makes a good cheese knife? Since when were the Chinese known for their cheeses and their cheese knives? You need French, Italian, Spanish, German, Swiss, or Scandinavian cheese knives to get it right. In fact, if you want the proper variety of cheese knife then you need to go with the two countries that produce the most cheeses: France and Italy.

If you enjoy your cheeses but tend to limit yourself to three or four varieties then may be a universal cheese knife can do the trick. You can buy two or three of these and have them for the blue, the cheddar and the soft cheese for example. These have medium sturdy slightly curved blades usually with two prongs on the end. They are sturdy enough so that if you push hard enough in the middle of the blade you can cut through or break of the harder cheeses, they are sharp enough to cut through the medium paste cheeses, and the blade isn't too wide to stick to the softer cheeses.

You can find great quality of cheese knives from about $12 to $20 from the Italian company Abert. EME, another Italian company, is great for the universal cheese knives. They offer a great assortment of colors for their acrylic handled knives. Yes, acrylic, not plastic, otherwise your handle will fade and eventually crack in the dishwasher. You might find some of these knives rebranded in some famous department store or specialty retail store at much higher than the prices suggested on online stores of a direct importer. You can go on line and search there. Research on the internet and focus on direct importers of knives who avoid distributors and other middle people. They buy in bulk from the manufacturers and have low overhead and operating costs. They offer much lower prices than in a department and specialty stores.

So know exactly what you want and search for it on the internet. If you want the right cheese knife, the highest quality stainless steel, at the best prices, then look under Italian Cheese Knife or French Cheese Knife. Eliminate the big brand names and famous specialty and department stores from your search and focus on those direct importers who buy direct from the manufacturers and sell direct to you! The internet buying experience has become common to everyone these days. If you don't feel comfortable, give the store a call and ask to speak to someone who can explain more about the cheese knives. You will find you are dealing with friendly individual owners of companies who know their products rather than minimally trained customer service reps.

Most have reasonable return policies as well. So with a little bit of net savvy you will find Cheese knives of the highest quality for much lower prices than the ones in big department stores or fancy retail stores.

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