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Wine and Wineries In Mendocino County

Wine and Wineries In Mendocino County
By []Malini S Sharma 

Situated along the California's north coast, Mendocino County is the ideal holiday destination no matter what part of the year it is. Being located at a short distance from the greater San Francisco Bay Area has made Mendocino County the perfect holiday getaway for those who want some reprieve the daily hustle and grind of city living. 

Mendocino is famous for many things, the most popular being the expansive Pacific Ocean coastline and towering redwood forests. But what really put Mendocino County on the world map are its wineries. Touted as "America's Greenest Wine Region", This area boasts of approximately 100 wineries which have continuously delighted wine lovers from across the globe. These wineries are highly acclaimed by wine enthusiasts from various regions across the world so rest assured that you are visiting the very best in environment friendly, high quality wineries.

Visiting this area's most famous wineries and sampling a wide variety of the best wines offered will give you an exact idea of how luxurious and enriching the experience can be, without straining your budget. 

With over a quarter of all the vineyards here being recognized as 100% certified natural and organic, Mendocino county also holds the valued distinction of becoming the trendsetter in the country for the production of sparkling wine. Found just North of Sonoma County at an hour's drive from San Francisco, Mendocino County constitutes a crucial part of California's appeal.

Due to Mendocino's perfect climate, it is also home to the very biggest producers of sparkling wine in the United States. With the biggest players sourcing resources from Mendocino, there are a large number of reasons to celebrate your visit to the highest quality wine scene in the county.

Wandering through Mendocino's gorgeous vineyards while soaking up the perfect weather as you sit back and relax, tasting the very best American Wine has to offer while unwinding from the hassles of everyday life. Mendocino also offers its visitors the most famous beautiful drives in the world. 

The historic Redwood Highway will take you and your family through verdant vineyards and beautiful landscapes which will show you the incredible virgin beauty of this region.

A fantastic option for a family vacation in Mendocino County brings endless possibilities to all its visitors, with the sights and sounds making sure they'll all those who come to check it out. So pack your bags, open your hearts and be prepared to witness the true beauty and magnificent splendor of one of the best winery regions in the world. Visit Mendocino County today and experience the journey of a lifetime.

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