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10 Surprising 100 Calorie Snacks for Dieting Between Meals

10 Surprising 100 Calorie Snacks for Dieting Between Meals
By []Richard R Michaels 

When it comes to dieting one of the main issues and headaches is finding out how many calories a product has.

Often they're written in the ingredients chart that can be minuscule to read and even then confusing when labeled per serving.

Below however you will find 10 different snacks which all hover around the 100 calorie mark, giving you a few ideas of what you can eat if you're trying to minimize your  daily calorie intake which for women is approximately 1400 and 2000 for men.

1. Home-made popcorn - 90cal

A great source of fiber, home-made popcorn is right up there when it comes to the homely smell it gives off much like freshly baked bread.

   3g (1 teaspoon) of oil
   20g of popping corn
   Optional - Sprinkling of chili powder and Worcestershire sauce

2. Fresh home-made cheese and tomato toasty - 94cal

This is a slimmed down version but still sumptuous; chop some spring onions over some whole grain crisp bread along with a chopped tomato, then sprinkle 15mg of less fat mature cheese and place under a pre-heated grill.

   1 whole grain crisp bread
   40g tomato
   15g grated 30% less fat mature cheese
   Optional - sprinkle some chopped spring onion

3. Banana milkshake - 98cal

Tired of not knowing what to do with black speckled bananas that don't look appetizing to eat?

Simply blend them into a smooth and creamy milkshake with some semi skinned milk topped with cinnamon.

   55g very ripe banana for a sweeter taste
   100ml of semi-skimmed milk
   Optional - Sprinkle of cinnamon

4. Hot chocalate with marshmallows - 99cal

Indulge yourself with a sachet of diet hot chocolate topped with some mini marshmallows and mixed with 200ml of water.

   200ml of hot water
   1 sachet of diet hot chocolate
   12g of mini marshmallows

5. Beans on toast - 99cal

Some of the best comfort food for those cold, dark, damp winter months.

With one slice of whole grain or whole meal bread add some baked beans sprinkled with chives.

   60g of baked beans
   22g slice of toasted whole grain or whole meal bread
   Optional - Sprinkle some chives

6. Fruit salad - 101cal

Topped with 3 fruits, black grapes, apple and tinned pineapple this is a wonderfully refreshing snack that should be eaten on an empty stomach as your body can then absorb all the essential nutrients and vitamins. The servings below can provide 2-3 portions.

   50g of a diced apple
   50g of seedless black grapes cut in half
   100g of chopped tinned pineapple in juice

7. Apple and peanut butter - 97cal

Often one craves something nutty and crunchy and served with fresh apple slices this is the perfect pick me up to keep you satiated till your next main meal.

   12g (1 teaspoon) of peanut butter
   50g sliced apple
   Optional - Sprinkle some cinnamon

8. Cheese and pickle canap�s - 101cal

Perfect party snacks that won't get you bloated, some water biscuits topped with potato peeled low fat mature cheese and pickle and gherkin slices will prove a hit and 3 of these will average the 100 calorie mark.

   15g of 30% less fat mature cheddar
   3 water biscuits
   6g (1 teaspoon) of pickle
   30g gherkin

9. Smoked salmon and cream cheese parcels - 105

These are so moorish that you can dine on 4 of these and you will consume only just over 100 calories.

Spread 5g of soft cheese each over 4 strips of salmon at one end and topped with dill and gently roll and fold the strips together.

   20g of medium fat soft cheese
   48g of smoked salmon cut into four even strips
   2ml of lemon juice
   Optional - Sprinkle some fresh dill

10. Strawberries and cream - 91cal

With half fat cr�me fra�che, you can still enjoy this summer treat for under 100 calories.

   110g of ripe strawberries
   30g half fat cr�me fra�che

Bottom line:

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Article Source: [] 10 Surprising 100 Calorie Snacks for Dieting Between Meals

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