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Strange Things People Put On Pizza.

Strange Things People Put On Pizza
By []Anders Abadie 

There's no accounting for taste. You may love a nice, juicy cheeseburger, while someone in another country may think that's disgusting, and would much rather have a raw sardine. Pizza is no different. People can get, for lack of a better term, "creative" when it comes to different toppings. Here are some from around the world.

Many people in Sweden like banana curry on their pizza. That's the country's version, apparently, of a Hawaiian pizza with pineapple slices and ham. In Japan, some places, incredibly, substitute tomato paste with the ink from squids. South Korea contributes a cookie crust and shrimp pie. It's not made of bread crust; it's a cookie crust. It also comes with a blueberry dipping sauce. But that's not all. Other toppings included in the dish are bacon, crushed tortilla chips, potato wedges, mushrooms, olives, and bell peppers. Pumpkin seeds, raisins, and sunflower seeds are also sprinkled in.

Heading back to Japan, a major chain features something that should help make your arteries harden just reading about it. This concoction includes bacon-wrapped sausage and hamburger patties. To top it off, they drizzle the pie with maple syrup. That should make you feel a little less guilty the next time you have three or four slices of pepperoni. 

Compared to the above examples, a fried egg topping may not sound so bad. It's still weird, but it seems relatively tasty. Some might cringe at the thought of a broken egg yolk on a pizza, especially when you think about mixing it with tomato paste, but it sounds a lot better than squid ink. 

Caviar is a topping that you can find at high-end restaurant in New York. They not only offer caviar, but also chives, lobster and cr�me fraiche. You have to order it 24 hours in advance. Yet another entry from Japan features crabmeat and mayonnaise, meatballs, and broccoli.

And then you have various homemade creations that are conceived right here in the United States. Take a look around the Internet and you can find other ideas that are just as strange if not stranger. You'll find a sweet corn pie topped with whole kernel corn, grated cheese, and corn chips. Or you can take a cheese pie and arrange seven or eight corny dogs in a circle. If you're really adventurous you can take on a bacon cheeseburger pizza. This has a bottom crust topped with meat, bacon, and cheese, and then topped with another crust flipped upside down. 

Then there's the fast food version. One in particular features a plain crust with tomato sauce, with French fries, chicken nuggets, and two cheeseburgers. Last but not least, we have the PB&J pie. Just like it sounds, it features peanut butter and jelly spread on a plain crust.

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