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10 Best Anti-Oxidant Foods For Christmas

10 Best Anti-Oxidants Foods for Christmas
By []Richard R Michaels 

What to have a healthier Christmas diet by mixing it up with some of the best anti-oxidant foods to help you slim naturally while enjoying the warmth of friends and family?

Below you will find some of the best anti-oxidant foods that you can easily blend in with some festive tucker so as to ease your belt measurement come the New Year.

1. Blackberry and Granny Smith Apples

Christmas isn't just about the Christmas pudding to warm you up, plus you'll have something else to offer to those that try and politely refrain from the rather rich after dinner stomach filler.

Why not combine it with a lovely blackberry and granny smith apple pie?

Granny Smith apples rank 13 on the ORAC chart (oxygen radical absorbance capacity), registering a massive 5'381 total anti-oxidant capacity (TAC) per serving.

Blackberries on the other hand are listed higher at no' 7 with 7'701 TAC a cup.

A double whammy of anti-oxidants.

2. Small red bean

This rather underrated bean is in fact the most powerful anti-oxidant food item per serving size on the planet.

Don't be duped by the western media in to believing the acai berry or resveratrol are some of the most powerful out there, as while strong - they don't appear in the top 20 according to

A half cup of small red beans registers a whopping TAC of 13'727, so why not blend this in to your veggie assortment over festivities.

3. Raspberries

Again your desserts can vary, and raspberries rank 10th on the ORAC table.

It's the ketones in the berry which are now being used in some of the latest weight loss supplements as they help increase and moderate the protein Adiponectin which regulates your metabolism.

In essence therefore ketones attribute to a natural surge in how fast you burn fat while keeping you satiated longer after meals.

4. Prunes

Prunes rank 9th and can be eaten dry as a snack or you could attempt a Prune Christmas Cake.

That's another 7'291 TAC per serving.

5. Cranberries

Let's freshen up with some cranberry juice or even some cranberry styled Christmas cocktails.

Cranberries are way up there at no'6 coming in at 8'983 TAC per cup.

6. Wild Blueberry

Ever baked a wild blueberry pie?

The Blue Ribbon Wild Blueberry Pie is a killer in Canada, and while the pastry content might pack out the calories, wild blueberries come a mighty second on the ORAC chart, with 13'427 TAC a cup.

7. Strawberries

A wonderfully versatile fruit with 5'938 TAC per meal, strawberry cheesecake, shortcake or fresh strawberry juice will go a long way to lowering lipid levels and help flush the intestine and liver of the richer toxins you may be indulging in over the Christmas break.

8. Pecans

Pecan nuts or pie will be a nutritional anti-oxidizing agent this winter, where 1 ounce of pecans equals 5'085 TAC.

9. Sweet cherries

At no'15, sweet cherries can be used in an assortment of recipes, such as brownies, pies, cakes, tarts and even ice creams or sorbets for the healthier option.

10. Artichokes

Artichokes are tremendous for the heart and have great longevity benefits.

One of the best cleansing ways to flush the system is to have an artichoke tea before bed.

Also tremendous for the skin you can []see here on ways to really detox and cleanse the system over the Christmas period.

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