Sunday, December 8, 2013

Before dinner cheese platters and boards.

An alternative to be considered while using cheese to entertain is to begin the meal with a cheeseboard. Select cheeses that are different from each other in color and shape, but still flow in taste. A brie, blue, cheddar, washed rind, gouda and a grating cheese such as asiago can be matched to compliment each other.

Add dried fruit to the board, such as Turkish apricots, and nuts such as Valencia almonds or any other combination of savories from the antipasti bar or meat from the charcuterie that sparks the imagination and you have a cheese platter to bring to a party or a board to hold a pre-dinner appetizer that you can be proud to serve to your guests. 

Consider the number of guests when putting together your board or platter. Three small pieces of cheese may do with a handful of nuts spilled over or go all out for a large party and use your talents (and, perhaps a hand from your local cheesemonger) and include more or larger pieces of cheese and a few additional accompaniments. 

Don’t forget the bread, crackers or crostini that will compliment your choices. A neutral flavor is often best when including a variety of flavors. You can also go with more than one type of bread or cracker to hold your splendid offerings.

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