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4 Occasions You Should Never Miss Out On Eating Cake

4 Occasions You Should Never Miss Out On Eating Cake
By []Shad M Riggs 

Cakes are one of those desserts that anyone would love to waste his or her calories on. Ceremonial occasions such as anniversaries, weddings and birthdays are incomplete without cutting a cake, since cakes are the symbol of good luck, and they bring sweetness into your life. So, if cakes are believed to bring you luck, why not eat them on those significant occasions when you actually need all the best wishes and fortune. Here are a few such occasions you should never miss out having a cake on.

The final day of college life

Most of us have mixed feelings on the last day of college, as we don't know whether to be happy or to feel sad. It's time to bid goodbye to your friends and professors and enter into that phase of life, wherein you ought to work hard to prove yourself. So, how about adding some sweetness to these mixed feelings by eating your favorite cheesecake on this remarkable day of life? Make sure your friends are part of this cake eating ceremony otherwise you will miss the chance to share those unspoken words you had in your heart for years. 

The day you receive your first salary check

No matter how small the amount of your first salary is, the celebrations should be grand and memorable. Your first salary check signifies that you have now become independent and can bear your own expenses. The best way to celebrate this important day is by throwing a party at your home and making sure all your close friends are in. Get a scrumptious cake from your favorite cake shop, and celebrate this memorable day with your friends and family.

Bachelorette party

Bachelorette party is one of those occasions when your friends throw a smashing party to make you realize that you are on the last straw of your bachelorhood. So, they will leave no stone unturned to make you feel embarrassed by arranging one of the kinkiest, funniest, and cheesiest cakes. So, instead of getting disgusted by their kinky cake ideas, go ahead and eat the cake and celebrate those last few days of your freedom. Make sure your friends too eat the cake and have unlimited fun at your bachelorette party.

Break-up party 

Have you just had a break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you completely heartbroken? Well it's time to call your friends and throw in a break-up party at home. Arrange for champagne and cake to celebrate your new-found singlehood. Do not let the celebration turn into a pity party. Instead, your celebration should show that you are now free from a complicated relationship, and that you are single and ready to mingle. Break ups are bad, but you cannot deny the fact that it's the time to make the most of your freedom and do whatever you wish to do. So, pull up your socks, eat a delightfully cheesy cake and remember that there are plenty of fish in the sea. []Smiley Cakes offers cupcakes that are perfect for parties. It saves on the time and mess of slicing and handing out a large birthday cake. For more details visit their website []

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