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Lemon And Its Health Benefits

Lemon And Its Heath Benefits
By []Elizabeth B Esiguri 

For many centuries, lemons have been used for their antiseptic properties. In 1593, a 17th century English sailor and explorer by the name of Admiral Sir Richard Hawkins encouraged drinking orange and lemon juice as a way of averting scurvy. And this did not come as a surprise!

Lemons are heavy laden with nutrients that are beneficial to health. They are a wonderful natural medication for improved digestion and for busting fatigue.

Lemon and asthma
The vitamin C contained in the lemon juice plays a big part in fighting respiratory problems. First of all, it builds up the body's immune system and then it acts as an anti-oxidant by fighting the destructive oxidants which are produced by the lungs in the form of allergens during asthmatic attacks. Taking lemon juice frequently will help to fight asthma.

Lemons are said to be very helpful in instances where there is inadequate supply of oxygen - like during mountain climbing. Edmund Hillary, who was the first person to reach the peak of Mt. Everest's, attributed his success to the use of lemons.

Restoring the pH equilibrium
Maintenance of a mildly positive alkaline state in the body is critically important in order to combat cancer and other health complications. While lemons are acidic in nature, they are among the most alkaline fruits which help to restore the human body to the required pH alkaline state (about 7.4).

Taking a glass of a mixture of fresh lemon juice and water in the morning is a wonderful liver detoxifier; it purifies the digestive system and the kidneys. Additionally, it helps the body purge itself of poisons thereby providing you with a general detox.

Indigestion and constipation
It has been established that lemons help in the digestive process by keeping harmful bacteria at bay. Simply add a few drops of fresh lemon juice onto your food or squeeze a fresh lemon in a glass of lukewarm water and drink after every meal. It will make the digestion easy. The lemon acid stirs the production of stomach acid.

Weight loss
When you add lemons to your water, you are likely to feel fuller and this can reduce the occurrence of Type 2 Diabetes. Lemons have pectin content, a soluble fibre which has been found to help in weight loss. In addition, lemons can literally slow down the assimilation of sugar into the body.


Lemon juice can be used as a cure for colds, fever or flu. It aids in breaking fever by intensifying perspiration. To relieve the symptoms of fever and colds, squeeze one lemon into a cup of hot water, add some honey and drink at an interval of 2 hours until the fever or cold subsides.

Dental care
Lemon juice is also useful in dental care. Fresh lemon juice can help in getting rid of pain when applied on the aching tooth area. Also, gum bleeding can be stopped by massaging lemon juice on the gums. This is very effective in stopping bad odour and other gum complications.

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