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A Trip To The Elusive Memories of Traditional British Sweets

A Trip to the Elusive Memories of Traditional British Sweets
By []Manuel Webb 

In some corner of our hearts lay this sadness about the passage of childhood. Oh! The innocence of the age, all the silly things we did thinking no one would ever find out, and the perennial craving for sweets. Why wouldn't children go crazy for sweets when they get a taste for the delectable British sweets for free? The heavenly taste and the melt-in mouth texture are the unforgettable things about childhood. It is these precious memories which make childhood all the more unforgettable. Take this short trip of the famous traditional British sweets we all have been missing out on post-childhood, and give your elusive memories a much needed visit. 

Aniseed Balls

These small, dark brown sweets remind me of gobstoppers. These sweets share their name with the oil which is used to flavour them - aniseed oil. Hidden at the core of these balls are the rapeseeds, which are ripened and crushable. These seeds are the base upon which subsequent layers of sugar are placed.

Acid drops

These are a traditional favourite among children of all ages. These are refreshing and mouth-watering. The special feature of these acid drops is their sweet taste which is transformed from their actual sourness by the process of extreme boiling. These sweets give all a tongue-tingling sensation, which is the root cause of their popularity.

Apple cubes

Apple cube sweets are made by drying apple cubes naturally without adding any chemical preservative. Their drying method is so comprehensive as to retain their polyphenol content, antioxidant activity and appearance quality in the best way possible. It would not be wrong to say that these sweets have apples at their very core.


Bonbons are ball shaped sweets which may have various fillings within but are generally covered with a thin layer of chocolate to give it a finishing touch. The inner filling of bonbons can vary from vanilla ice-creams to peanut balls, coconut balls or even the dough of a chocolate chip cookie. It is this contrasting filling which gives bonbons their fame.


Gobstoppers are hard, sweet, rounded candies with several layers inside them. They are popularly known as jawbreakers in Canada and the United States. Each layer within the gobstopper candy discloses a different color and sometimes different flavors too before dissolving completely in the mouth. Gobstoppers are too hard to bite due to which they are either licked or sucked by children. Their popularity is based on their slow dissolving quality which helps children enjoy them for a long time. 

Dolly mixtures

These traditional sweets of the British people are quite popular. These retro sweets come in a variety of colors, flavors and shapes at the same time. These mixtures include hard-coated fondants in various shapes and sugar coated jellies as well. The different flavors are sold separately as well as mixed for experiencing all the flavors. 

British sweets are a memory cherished by both the British and the non-British alike. No one would miss any chance to re-live those memories all over again.

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