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8 Key Areas For Improving Your Diet And Eating Healthy

8 Key Areas For Improving Your Diet And Eating Healthy
By []Patrick Joseph Cullen 

Whether we like to admit it or not we could all improve our diet in some way or another. Some people may want to improve their diet to lose weight which is understandable given the increasing obesity epidemic. However, maintaining a stable and well-balanced diet is just as important for slim people as it is overweight people.

It all boils down to your health! A healthy diet that's low-fat, low cholesterol and rich in fresh produce will greatly reduce your chances of serious diseases such as diabetes or heart failure. Fighting off diseases is best done through prevention not treatment so that means making the right food choices now to ensure good health for tomorrow. So, if you're ready to make some simple dietary switches that can have a big impact on your health then read on.

Eat More Fresh produce

This should be among your top priorities! Your diet should be made up of at least 70% fresh produce. Ensure a serving of vegetables or salad with each meal and snack on fruits to ensure your body is properly nourished. If you can entertain the idea of going organic then even better as you will remove other unwanted chemicals from your diet.

Whole Grains VS Refined Grains

One simple but profound dietary switch is to eat whole grain produce in place of refined grains. Simple switches such as wheat bread in place of white bread, or whole grain pasta in place of white pasts can go a long way. Whole grain foods are much more nutritious, and contain more fiber so you'll digest the food slower and feel fuller for longer.

Cut Out Carbonated Beverages

Carbonated beverages are not kept in my household and I would recommend you do the same. Regular sodas contain lots of empty calories and are usually loaded with sugar. Even the healthier "diet" alternatives are loaded with nasty chemicals such as aspartame which can be damaging to your health.

Drink More Water

Water is essential for proper body functioning. It not only keeps us mentally and physically alert but it also serves to purify and free the body of toxins. Aim to make water your beverage of choice and sip away continuously throughout the day. Try also drinking a pint of fresh water prior to meals to help prevent over-eating.

Cut Back On Sugar

With diabetes becoming more and more commonplace, now is the time to better monitor your sugar consumption! Sugar comes in many forms and is found in an abundance of ready-made, processed foods so don't assume that your sugar intake is just that which you use for tea and coffee, or obvious foods such as sweets and chocolates!

Cook Your Own Meals

The only real way to ensure you know what's going in your body is to source and prepare the ingredients yourself. This may sound daunting to some but it really needn't be! There are lots of tasty meals you can knock up from scratch that require little effort and little time. This also sets a great example for the family and you can all enjoy healthy, nourishing, home cooked foods.

Grow Your Own Produce

What better way to ensure your diet is clean and healthy than to prepare and cook your own fresh produce. Not only will you ensure healthy eating for you and your family but you'll save some money as well, and you'll be doing the environment in a favor. So, if you've got a small garden that needs tending then consider setting up a small vegetable garden and planting a few seeds.

The USDA Dietary Guidelines

Every cycle of five years the USDA release a recommended set of dietary guidelines.   rel=nofollow []The USDA dietary guideline serve as a great building block from which you can better establish a healthy eating plan. Given the increasing obesity epidemic in America it's safe to say the USDA have compiled good dietary guidelines that you can learn from.

Wrapping It Up

Making changes to your diet can be challenging at first. The key is to make small changes and incorp

orate them into your diet one at a time. The more you do something the more habitual it becomes so you'll soon find yourself making healthier food choices and opting for the fresh produce when you go shopping.

Want to know how to further optimize your nutrition?

Learn a few key areas for optimizing your nutrition for improved health and well-being. [] 8 Key Areas For Improving Your Diet And Eating Healthyze-nutrition/
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