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!0 "Healthy" Foods That Could Pack On The Pounds!

10 "Healthy" Foods That Could Pack On The Pounds!
By []J. R. Anderson 

Sometimes what we to believe to be "healthy" foods are actually add inches to our waistline! Somewhere in their ingredients is a dirty little secret! This secret either says they are loaded with sugar, preservatives, or highly processed. These can easily be substituted with more healthy foods that can help you keep your weight from creeping up even though you are eating "healthy." 

Dried Fruit
Manufactures usually cover their dried fruit with sugar and other additives to help maintain its shelf life causing you to consume a large amount of unwanted sugar. Also remember that you are consuming more carbohydrates in a smaller package!
Substitute with this: dehydrate your own fruit own at home.

Trail Mix
While this stuff can be great when you are hiking and burning a ton of calories, it's not an ideal snack for the office because the excess sodium and sugars can quickly add up. Not to mention the version with chocolate pieces in it!
Substitute with this: purchase raw nuts.

Wheat Bread
Most wheat breads are not much more nutritious as regular white bread and can contain the same amount of calories.
Substitute with this: make sure your bread is 100% whole wheat.

Smoothies are great but don't think that just because the concoction you buy at the store is healthy just because it says "smoothie" (which are usually full of sugars).
Substitute with this: homemade smoothies are super easy to make.

Fruit Cocktail
While it sounds completely healthy, when purchased at the store, it is usually coated with syrup to increase its shelf life and taste (check out the ingredients).
Substitute with this: buy your own fruit and cut it up.

Cereal/Granola Bars
While convenient, granola bars can be loaded with salts and sugars to help preserve them, not to mention have a lot of calories with their nutrient content comparable to a snickers bar. Also many versions contain chocolate as well which can add a substantial amount of calories,
Substitute with this: roast your own oats or granola.

Light Salad Dressing
While this is a lot better than normal salad dressing, look at the list of ingredients next time you are making a salad (the ingredient list is a mile long). There is a ton of sugar and sodium in this stuff.
Substitute with this: balsamic vinegar can be amazing on a salad.

Fat-Free Yogurt
While it might have a reduced amount of fat compared to its counterpart, it has an enormous amount of sugar for flavoring. This sugar of course adds up to a bunch of calories!
Substitute with this: Greek yogurt is a great substitute. Plus it can be a great source of probiotics.

Fruit Juice
The amount of sugars in this stuff is amazing, and in some instances can be more than the sugar content of soda. Don't be fooled by the label "fruit" many times this simply means fruit flavoring... with a huge dose of sugar!
Substitute with this: buy only 100% fruit juices!

Corn Chips/Tortilla Chips
This is one that I'm guilty of consuming a lot (I love salsa). Corn chips have a massive amount of sodium and are full of fats and calories which can quickly add up!
Substitute with this: you can make your own (though time-consuming).

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