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Most Nutritious Vegetables

Most Nutritious Vegetables
By []Shaambhavi Pathak 

All cultivated vegetables have nutritional qualities to themselves. While some may be good for your metabolism, some may have ample roughage content to keep you active throughout the day. Some vegetables may have anti-cancer and anti-oxidant qualities.

Let's discuss some of the vegetables which are beneficial for us:

Onion: Just like a meal cannot be cooked without salt, the omnipresence of onion is known in kitchens all over the world. Onion is very beneficial whether eaten raw or cooked. It has a protein known as Quercetin and properties of being anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and it is cholesterol reducing in nature. It is also beneficial in curing diabetes.
Cauliflower: It is a very nutritious vegetable. It contains essential vitamins which are known for boosting immune system. Two phytonutrients, Sulforaphane and Indole-3 Carbinol which fight cancer are found in cauliflower. Additionally, the vegetable produces Sulforaphane Enzyme in body which washes out toxins from blood, thereby reducing the danger of cancer. It also reduces chance of tumors, prostate gland inflammation and breast cancer.
Spinach: Everyone says green vegetables are good for health. Spinach is one of them; it is the vegetable which is source of energy for Popeye but a dislike for all children. Keeping all notions aside, spinach has great nutritional virtues. It is a natural fat fighting food and is highly recommended if you are on diet. Spinach is rich in fibers which contain Folic Acid, Vitamin C and K, Zinc, Calcium, Copper Niacin, Manganese, Magnesium, Potassium and Phosphorus. Antioxidants such as Carotenoid in spinach guard against breast cancer, stomach cancer and prostate cancer.
Bitter melon: Bitter melon has been beneficial significantly in the treatment of Psoriasis and Diabetes. Its nutritional value is also useful in management and treatment of HIV. This is particularly beneficial while treating Cancers and Leukemia.
Potatoes: Potatoes have lots carbohydrate content in it. It has a substantial amount of starch which is a good source of energy in itself. It also contains Vitamins, Potassium and Minerals. It contains sufficient amounts of Vitamin C which helps in absorbing iron in blood. It contains Vitamin B1, B3 and B6 in it.
Cabbage: A person who includes cabbage in his meal everyday reduces the risk of diabetes by 15%.  Cabbage is rich in Vitamin C inhibits diabetes. It is high fiber food and helps in losing weight. It is also used in treatment of cancer.
Green Peas: They have an abundance of nutrients. One of the greatest sources of Vitamins C, A, K and B6; they also contain Iron, Protein and Manganese. Peas also contain Folate and Magnesium which reduce the risk of heart diseases and birth defects. The nutrients contents help in managing high blood pressure. Peas are also beneficial for bone health. These are dietary fiber rich foods and enhance the immune system
Bottle Gourd: It is the vegetable which keeps the body relaxed throughout the summers. It contains 96% water. It is rich in Iron, Phosphorus and Dietary Fibers. It is a sure shot control measure for health ailments such as constipation, piles and gastric disorders. It helps in minimizing urinary tract issues. It also helps in curing insomnia. It is also recommended for weight loss.

All these vegetables are available easily in your   rel=nofollow []nearest supermarket or green-grocer. Prepare a full bowl of power packed nutritional veggies today!

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