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7 Tips That Will Make Your Juice a Great Drink

7 Tips That Will Make Your Juice a Great Drink
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=James_Steeve_Ferguson]James Steeve Ferguson 

Making your own juice is not only a healthy option, but is also a simple and inexpensive undertaking that anyone can perform. By following the 7 tips below, you will not only make your juice exceptional, but will also simultaneously ensure that you do not end up destroying any of the several vitamins and minerals that are present in your juicing ingredients.

Consume the juice as soon as you possibly can

The juicing machine extracts all the liquids contained in fruits and vegetables and discards the pulp in a separate chamber. The fresh juice should be consumed soon after it is extracted to prevent the degrading of essential nutrients by oxidation which can result from exposure to air.

Storing any excess juice in a flask

If you must store any excess juice, pour it into a vacuum flask and ensure the flask is filled to the brim to get rid of any air gaps. This will greatly reduce its rate of oxidation. Adding ice and lemon will not only prolong enzyme activity, but will also preserve it longer and give it a better taste.

Never drink your juice on an empty stomach

Due to the high acidity of fruits and vegetables, drinking juice on an empty stomach may give you heartburn. Although drinking juice on an empty stomach leads to the faster absorption of nutrients directly into the bloodstream, this noble goal is obviously neutralized by the resultant digestive issues. Having a meal already present in the stomach will, on the other hand, slow down the absorption of the said nutrients. One can overcome this conundrum by either waiting at least 2 hours after eating before consuming any juice, or drinking the juice at least 20 minutes after ingesting a meal.

Using too many sweet ingredients in your juice

Sweet fruits and vegetables can be very healthy when consumed whole, but the large amounts of sugar and fructose present in their juices may have adverse effects on your body when digested. Excessive levels of natural sugars may affect bodily insulin levels and lead to cravings and increased weight gain. It is thus recommended that you maintain the portions of sugary fruits and vegetables in your juice to an optimum of 1 per serving.

Never assume your juice is a meal

Juice should never serve as a meal replacement unless you are fasting or on a diet. You should rather always view it as an appetizer, meal enhancer, or snack. Juices are one of nature's richest sources of vitamins and should thus be consumed as a supplement due to the fact that it is inadvertently tasking to eat the daily recommended fruit and vegetable amounts of 6-8 servings suggested by experts.

Always "chew" your juice

You should chew your juice just like any other foodstuffs. Swishing the juice your mouth before you swallow will release saliva that contains vital digestive enzymes and enhance the overall taste of the juice. This will then enhance the greater delivery of essential nutrients throughout the body.

Always use a clean juicer

A dirty juicer can contaminate the juice you produce and greatly diminish its taste. It is also unhealthy because it can lead to the spread of germ causing agents like salmonella and the botulism toxin. A cleaner juicer will also result in smoother and more consistent juice production. Strictly adhering to these tips will ensure that you make exceptional juices that will keep them coming back for more.

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